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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. III, No. 9 (November 1898)

Convention of horticulturists,   p. 31 PDF (235.6 KB)

Page 31

perimentation is now going on that promises to result favor-
ably in producing an agency for insecticidal purposes that
will be inexpensive as well as effective, convenient and safe.
East Orange, N. J.
The convention season is at hand, and a few words on
the subject will not be out of place. To those that attend
the manner of conducting such conventions is of prime im-
portance. When people go a long distance to attend such
assemblies they usually do it for the purpose of learning
new things and better methods. This fact should be con-
stantly in the minds of the officers. It too often occurs that
a very large part of the time is taken up-with routine work
and in discussions that are not instructive. We have seen
some unimportant amendment to the constitution consume
the entire time of a session; we have seen a "fight" over
officers take up another session; we have seen the vindication
of some officer become the principal topic in another session.
We have attended conventions that were very profitable by
reason of good papers and good discussions on horticultural
subjects.. We have attended other conventions that appeared
more of a farce than anything else. From such conven-
tions we have gone away painfully impressed with the idea
,that the people that had been to the expenseof coming from
*a distance would probably not do so again. The presiding
pfficer-holds the situation largely in his hands. If he be
inert the work of the convention will lag, and foreign top-
ics will be allowed to consume the precious hours. If he be
energetic and understand his business, the speakers and
those engaged in the discussions will be held to the topics
before the convention, and much will be accomplished.
Every presiding officer would do well to study up on parlia-
mentary law.                  -Farmers' Review.

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