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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. III, No. 9 (November 1898)

The San Jose scale,   p. 27 PDF (227.5 KB)

Page 27

wrap oranges with skins as thick as sole leather, because it
retains the aroma. With a pear, the longer that fragrance
escapes the poorer it is. The peach, pear or plum that is
wrapped is better than if not wrapped.-Ranch and Range.
We fear our readers may become tired of seeing this
heading in the various farm papers, but we assure them
there is reason for a frequent mention of this pest. We
know that some men that have orchard stock to sell are try-
ing to belittle the danger, but the danger exists in spite of
their efforts to lull the country into a fancied security. The
state entomologist of California says that without doubt the
San Jose scale is the greatest pest that has ever menaced
the orchards of this country. In California it has become
so prevalent that it is no longer considered possible to eradi-
cate it. The only thing left to do is to fight it in every
orchard and try to grow fruit in spite of it. Spraying has
only the effect of keeping down the generations of young
ones when they make their appearance on the orchard
trees in large numbers.  But in the forests where the
scale has got a foothold no spraying that will be effective
can be done. This should stimulate the horticulturists east
of the Rocky mountains to do what they can to prevent the
spread of the scale, knowing as we do that once the pest is
among our wild trees it will be impossible of extinction.
Every state should take energetic measures to protect its
borders. We raise troops and spend millions to keep out
foreign invaders when they come in the form of men. Why
not spend money as freely when it is necessary to repel an
insect invasion?
-Farmers' Review.
In nearly all the talk about farming I hear only about
the payment in cash. It is quite as important to get the
payment of happiness.

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