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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

Fitch, W. H.
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Crnlbrgy Dookiet-In view of many Inquiries from all sections of the
country, It has been deemed advisable to issue In a convenient and cheap
form a
compendium of main features anent cranberry culture, merchandising, cookery,
etc, which receiving the endorsement of the leading members of the Wiscousin
Sltte (aeberry Grower's Association, et aL, would be acceptable as authoritative.
Copies can be procured by application to Secretary's office; price ten (I0c)
(Namps accepted.        By order of Committee on Printing and Publishing.
W. H. FrtcH, Seretary
[From WiseOD    Valley Leader, Jan. 8, '05.]
In response to several Inquiries on the
growth and culture of cranberries the
following, by W. B. Fitch, secretarv of
the Wisconsin Cranberry Growers'
AsoItion, as furnished to the Farmers
dentanel, Is timely:
is Ir a sngular fact that notwkthstand-
ing the length of time the cranberry ha
been among us there  re cemearatlveI
few people who have a knowledge con
cerning its cultivation and growth. Al-
most every other truit is betler known
and at the present time, when every in-
dustry Is belug illustrated and explained,
when horticulture Is becoming a feature
In our NSle, It may not be ami  to say
something of the methods now  used to
bring the berry from ItS wild state to Its
present perfection.
The alluvial formation, or pigt bog,
lath& nstnr-l h--n _t tb. -_ t_
---  -  I -- --   -  ' 0' th   catu rry.  In

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