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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Forty-seventh annual meeting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, December 14, 1933. Forty-seventh summer convention, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, August 8, 1933

Gebhardt, Herman J.
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Meeting called to order at 2 P. M., Dec. 14, 1933, Realty Hall, Wis-
consin Rapids.
President Herman Gebhardt gave the opening address. A resume
of the crop and market conditions of the year were given by Mr. A. U.
Chaney. A paper on why insect control problems are on the increase
was presented by Mr. E. L. Chambers. Mr. Vernon Goldsworthy
spoke on insect pest and disease condition and control methods. An
interesting account of the Wood county exhibit held at the state fair
featuring cranberries was given by Co-Agent H. R. Lathrope, who
had charge of it and won first place.
The minutes were read and approved. The financial report was
read and audited by F. R. Barber and Vere Johnson, who reported the
same correct. Motion was made and seconded to accept the commit-
tee's report.
Committees appointed to draft resolutions of regret on the passing
of Mr. Henry Gebhardt were: S. N. Whittlesey, A. E. Bennett and
0. 0. Potter; to the Joe Wirtz family on the loss of their young son,
Bernard; Roy Potter and Guy Nash.
Motion was made and seconded to allow the Brazeau bill of 362.75.
Motion was made and seconded to appoint a committee, with the
secretary as chairman to work out some solution of our financial dif-
ficulties. A. E. Bennett and Guy Nash were appointed.
Motion was made and seconded to renew subscriptions to Horticul-
ture for all paid-up members.
Motion made and seconded that rules be suspended and a unanimous
ballot be cast for re-election of all officers for the ensuing year.
Meeting adjourned.
Eighty-seven growers and friends attended the annual 6:30 beneunt
held at the Hotel Witter, following the meeting. Mr. Guy Babcock
acted as toastmaster. Through the generosity of L. P. Daniels a fine
program of instrumental and vocal selections and reading was en-
joyed followed by dancing to the strains of the Getsinger-Favell
orchestra. Mr. Daniels also presented Mr. A. U. Chaney with a larch'.
beautifully decorated cake, a token of the esteem in which he is held.
President, HERMAN J. GEBKARur
The 1933 cranberry season is now rapidly drawing to a close. We
have had to contend with another year of unusual drought-the fourth
in succession. About this time last year there was a severe cold spell
of short duration. Many who had water for winter protection had
not used it; others had none. The winter was comparatively bare of
snow and in consequence of these conditions most of the bogs of the
state suffered more or less winter-killing. However, the month of
May was quite free from frosts, and June the hottest on record, and
growers entered the harvest season with an unusually low water sup-
ply for protective purposes. Nevertheless, Wisconsin has produced a
fair crop, the quality of which can best be expressed by the word

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