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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Forty-seventh annual meeting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, December 14, 1933. Forty-seventh summer convention, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, August 8, 1933

Ebling, Walter
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WALT=Z EBLING, State Statistician
I think I have the distinction of being about the only person who
has been in this assembly for the first time. I have talked to a num-
ber of you growers, and I have been impressed with the age of your
organization. I just met Mr. Treat, and he tells me it is just forty-
six years ago that he attended the first meeting of this organization.
To those of you who are not acquainted with the work of a statis-
tician, I wish to say that a statistician is one who has the responsibil-
ity of estimating various crops and livestock production. I have given
very little time to cranberries. We have 182,000 farmers in this coun-
try, and the number of those engaged in the cranberry industry is ex-
ceedingly small. The dairy industry probably reaches 165,000 farms,
whereas the cranberry industry reaches I don't know how many, but
the number is limited. We are taking more interest lately, because
there has been more effort to cover the agricultural field completely.
The matter of collecting agricultural statistics is the oldest govern-
ment enterprise in agriculture. In 1839, long before we have ar"
other type of agricultural enterprise, we have had this sort of work.
I am therefore particularly happy to have an opportunity to meet
with you today, and to meet so many of you growers. I am also par-
ticularly happy to meet your group, because I have long known about
it. You have a very interesting and specialized industry. As time
goes on, I hope to become acquainted with many more of your mem-
bers. I have asked your secretary to give me a list of the names of
your producers. We may want to get information from you, and I
am sure you will be glad to give us a few facts when we ask for them.
I am happy to be with you, and hope I can meet with you again. Our
crop reports come the first week in the month, and dairy reports right
after that. Mr. Chambers was coming today, and I sandwiched this
meeting in between the two.
A. B. Scowr
This question of workingmen's compensation and insurance rates
is a "hang-over" from last year. I don't know of how much interest
it will be, but I will sketch it briefly. Last summer, after an increase
of approximately 20 per cent in compensation insurance rates, I took
the matter up with the Commissioner of Insurance, asking if it would
be possible to have some rate adjustment made or some action taken
to prevent the increase in rates. I will read his reply to my letter:
"The writer has discussed the contents of your letter of June 27
with the rating committee of the Wisconsin Compensation Rating and
Inspection Bureau. We note your statement that the rates applicable
to cranberry operations have increased almost 28% in the past year.
"For your better information, we can advise that the rates upon
all classifications have been uniformity increased approximately 25%
since May 1, 1931. The increase was made necessary by the follow-
ing events:
"1. The last session of the legislature increased the benefits payable
under the compensation law by approximately 5% and made certain

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