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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirty-first annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 8, 1918. Thirtieth summer meeting, pavilion, Nekoose, Wis., August 14, 1917

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of boards or canvas. They should never be covered by spreading
canvas or oil cloth or other covering tightly over the piles of boxes.
As much of the hauling to the storehouse should be done in the cool
of the day as possible, and the storehouse should be arranged to cool
the fruit as quickly as possible and keep it cool by ventilating the
storehouse at night and keeping it closed as much as possible during
the day in warm weather. It is also desirable to pick as much of the
fruit as possible in the cooler parts of the day. There is a difference
of opinion as to whether it is beneficial or injurious to pick fruit when
it is wet. Most growers apparently regard it as a bad practice. Ex-
periments along this line to definitely determine this question will be
carried out this season.
AVOID BarIsING                            EVE
Fruit bruised in any way, either by handling, sorting, or dropping
in barrels, or in packing, always shows poorer keeping quality than
fruit handled carefully and free from bruising. It has also been
found in all our experiments thatefruit kept in medium sized, more
or less ventilated packages keeps better than fruit packed in barrels.
Cool as quickly as possible after picking.
Store in a cool, well ventilated place.
Handle carefully to avoid bruising.
Use ventilated packages, especially for early shipments.
Whereas. The members of the Wisconsin Cranberry Growers' Associa-
tion who have met at their semiannual meeting are reminded by the
absence of their former secretary, Mr. Joseph W. Fitch, of the sad
tragedy that befell the home of the Fitch family at the time their
home was destroyed last February, and at which time the aged
father and invalid William H. Fitch, passed away owing to the excite-
ment and shock caused by this experience, and in which the death of
their maid, Miss Sawin, was also caused by the fire and smoke while
endeavoring to save the household furniture, and Mr. Joseph W. Fitch
passed away later on from the same cause.
Mr. William H. Fitch, father, served efficiently as secretary of this
association for many years until he was taken ill and at which time  *J
he was succeeded by his son Joseph W. Fitch. Both of these gentle-
men were not only efficient but courteous and held the good will and
esteem of all the members of the association.
Now Therefore, be it Resolved, That we recognize In the passing
away of William H. Fitch and Joseph W. Fitch a great loss to our
association and to this community, and

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