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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirty-first annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 8, 1918. Thirtieth summer meeting, pavilion, Nekoose, Wis., August 14, 1917

Schlosser, Charles
Impressions on state fair exhibits,   p. 12 PDF (233.0 KB)

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Chicago, III., December 29, 1917.
Mrs. S. N. Whittlesey,
Cranmoor, Wjsconsin.
Dear Mrs. Whittlesey:
I have for acknowledgment your letter of the 24th inst. in regard
to the Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers'
Association, and I appreciate the fact that it is desirable and important
to have an interesting meeting, because I believe the best interest of
the cranberry growers can be developed through these interesting
meetings,-and I will be glad indeed if the bit that I furnish should
prove worthy of this title.
First, in regard to the subject, "Value of state Fair Exhibits."
doubt if I can possibly express in strong enough terms my approval
of the State Fair Exhibit. I want to say to you and for the benefit of
every grower and member of this association, as well as every grower
of cranberries in Wisconsin or elsewhere, that to my mind the value
to the cranberry industry of this exhibit is positively the most far-
reaching and educational of anything I could suggest. If possible
to conduct similar exhibits at other State or County Fairs I would
most strongly approve.
The benefits, while they are not delivered in quick cash returns
they are like grass seed scattered on good soil, and will continue to
spread, bringing in benefits in many ways.
I spent one whole day with you at the Milwaukee State Fair and
I was certainly very much impressed. I want to compliment Mr.
Malde and Mr. Chelcie Treat on the very nice appearance of the
exhibit itself, and with the limited amount and kind of stock they
had to get it up with, they certainly should be commended on its nice
Then, I want to compliment you and your assistant Miss Anna
Bamberg on the very impressive and able manner in which the ex-
hibit was managed. I am very sure that no other domestic exhibit
attracted so much attention and certainly nothing in Horticultural
Hall was so interesting to the crowd that thronged through the hall
all day.
Now, this to my mind is ample evidence that the Cranberry Ex-
hibit made a hit with the majority of the visitors and I am sure
every interested visitor, many who perhaps had never eaten cran-
berries, left the fair satisfied that cranberry sauce was not only
delicious and palatable, but also an economical cause for every home.
and regardless of the price of the material itself and the price of
other commodities that make up the high cost of living the mass of
people in the entire United States can afford the liberal use of the
To insure the continual use of them is to educate all to properly
cook and serve them. The pleasant recollecton of a helping of prop-
erly cooked cranberry sauce will be remembered long after the price
has been forgotten, and I am sure the Fair Exhibit will continue to
be valuable and one of the best methods for this educational purpose.
I would also suggest to cranberry growers that they interest them-
selves in the competitive exhibit of cranberries as also being valu-
I regret very much that I am unable to attend your meeting in
person and certainly hope that the association, as well as all other
cranberry growers will enjoy a very prosperous and happy year to
Very truly yours,

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