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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / 1893 sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association, held at the City Council Chamber, at Grand Rapids, January 10th and 11th

Save the cranberry: why and how?,   pp. 9-13 PDF (1.0 MB)

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I will illustrate it as by a model. By judicious advertising I
do not mean regular paid advertisements, costing so much
for every line, but articles of a general interesting nature
which while they puff up the cranberry as a wholesome
waid delicious fruit etc., do it in such a way as not to appear
directly as the work of interested parties. The articles
.,hould be so written that they would appear to be written
00lv in the interest of the general public and such as would
be likely to be copied into other papers from the one in
which they originally appear and thus get scattered with-
oitt expense to us.
I have prepared what I think a sample article of this
kind. Now suppose we were to get such an article printed
hi good shape so that a printer receiving it would have as
little work as possible in having it re-set for his paper.
Suppose we send one of these circulars or slips so printed
to the editor of one paper in each county in this state se-
lecting the paper having the largest circulation in each
coutnty. Suppose in order to secure special attention to it
that we enclose one dollar with each slip requesting the
editor, if the piece is accepted for publication, that he re-
taiu the dollar and send one sample copy of his paper to
the author; if not accepted to please return the dollar.
This would insure its publication by the leading paper in
atearly every county in the state and other local papers
woild copy not only in this state but in other states. If the
plan works well in this state then extend it to other states.
rhe cost of this system is far less than to work up foreign
trade. The consumption of the cranberry in this state is
owN four times what it was ten years ago and it ought to
he ten times as great as it now is.
Here is a sample of any idea of puffing:-
It should be known to the ends of the earth that the
American cranberry is the healthiest fruit grown from the
tsrface of this globe.
It contains an acid combination not found in any other
flown fruit, so says Dr. Witter of Grand Rapids, member
f State Board of Health. Its virtues as a health restorer
was known to the wild Indians of this country before Col-
iabtis sought its shores.
An effecting scene comes down to us from the early
!ttlers in which a woman who had learned the Indian lan-
uuage and had acted as interpreter between the Indians
and whites becomes very sick. She had endeared herself
l the Indians by many acts of kindness. The old Indian

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