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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / 1893 sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association, held at the City Council Chamber, at Grand Rapids, January 10th and 11th

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- 1-
an(l stating that their association would co-operate in the
Mr. Slansbury:-I fully agree with the gentleman in
regard to making preparation to hold our fruit; think
,torehouses should be so constructed that we would have
nio trouble in holding the berries until they were needed in
the inarket and I think that alone would be a great element
I,, iiaxiintaining prices. The early market price is fixed by
the early blacks. shipped under the name of Cape Cods,
annul aLs the best price is generally about Nov. 1st. we should
a-rramnge to hold until then.
After some discussion volunteers were asked for who
should agree to report from  their several localities every
week durinig the gathering season, with the following vol-
1. H. Kruschke .      ................ Cranberry Center.
W. 11. Dufrane .................... Scauiton and City Point.
And(trew Searls.................................. Elm Lake.
H. (. Kruschke .. .......         ....      . Berlin.
W. S. Braddock.      .................... Goodyear Branch.
J. H. Treat .......................... . Meadow Valley.
The executive committee were then instructed to eu-
e~avor to secure reporters frommi all ofher localities.
The secretary then mstaited that it would be impossible
for himn to act as statistician, as during the packing season
lie wvas located at his camps several miles from the station
aui(l had no facilities for getting the bulletins printed and
thought that some member who lived where printing and
ialiling facilities were good should be appointed.
lIy a vote the President was aithorized to appoint a
Neeting theni adjonrued until 7 P. M.
H. 0. Kruaschlke presented a paper on Insects injurious
to the Cranberry, giving the results of the experiments
earl ied on by him during the last three seasons, showing
iI counection a painting showing tohe moths of the vine or
ire woryi and the fruit worm and a spray of vine upon
vhich the fire worm had been at work. He also read sev-
eral extracts from a bulletin on the subject issued by the
'ew Jersey Agricultural experiment station, which seemed
o he a very exhaustive treatise on the subject.
The Secretary was instructed to procure by purchase

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