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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Curtis, F. C.
Good butter versus bogus butter,   pp. 320-346

Page 320

When traveling around, and when at home, for - that 
matter, I see wells locafed in situations where' I would con- 
sider them - absolutely dangerous, - and if . that paper had 
no other      than to call men's attention to that fact, and 
warn them of the danger, it woU'ld be valliable. In very 
many 'instances., in my opinion,- it would absolutely be a 
great deal safer to sink a new well, or remove the hog pen 
or the dung pile. 
President Arnold A eane ha' been handed in to the secre- 
tary. Mr. Broughton says he was presented with this gold- 
headed cane' by the hard working tillers of the soil, and 
right here he has pres ented a. eane to Dr. Barry, marked: 
Compliments of A. Broughton. to Dr. Barry." 
Mr. Broughton - The contrast is against me, I admit, but., 
considered scientifically, it is in my favor. Ask the seien- 
tists why so. This is from the indu'strial man to the 
scientifie, man, and they will probably fool themselve-s. 
ýF. C. CURTIS, ROCky Run, Wis. 
The subjeet as given 'me for discussion by Seeretary 
Babbitt, opens up the whole, butter question and gives a 
wide range fo r,reasoning and argument. Most people are 
supposed to k'now good butter from bad., whether obtainable 
or not, but few, however.. are aware of the nature and ex- 
ülmt of what 1 presume Seer - etary Babbitt means by bogus 
butter. In consulting Webster, I find the meaning of bogus 
to be "' a liquor made of , rum and molasses also c" spürious
a eant term originally applied to counterfeit coin and hence 
denoting anything counterfeit; therefore I conelude bogus 
as 'here applied means spurious . or c , ounterfelt 'butterl, 
Webster defines coun terfeit "to copy or imitate *itho at au 
thority or right, and with a view to deceive.,'or defraud by 
passing, the copy or thing forged for that which is original 
or genuinei" 
It req'ulres no argument or proof to show that butter is 
counterfeited to a great extent, much greater than is gen- 

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