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Milmine, Geo. R. (ed.) / Racine advocate city and county residence and business directory of Racine, Wisconsin

History of Racine,   pp. [5]-12 ff. PDF (2.1 MB)

Page [5]

               HISTORY OF RACINE.
     On the west shore of Lake Michigan, twenty-three miles south of
 Milwaukee, and sixty two miles north of Chicago, lies the city of
 Racine. As it justly deserves, it has been christened, and is universal-
 ly known as the "BELLE CITY OF THE LAKES," not on account, as
 many may suppose, of the fair maidens residing there, (and they are
 numerous), but from the fact that it is, without exception, the most
 beautiful city in the northwest.  The grounds upon which the city is
 built are of undulating surface, with ravins and groves of natural
 growth. It is situated at the mouth of Root river, the improvement
 of which has given to the city one of the best harbors on the Lake
     Capt. GILBERT KNAPP was the first white settler who put in an
appearance at this point, coming from Chicago on horse-back in No-
vember, 1834. He was accompanied by two men in his employ, one of
whom was Wm. Luse.     From Skunk Grove, where at the time was
located a traveling post with a French trader by the name of Jam-
beau at the head, he was piloted by an Indian to the mouth of the
river. Soon after his arrival, with the assistance of his men,.he erect-
ed a log cabin near where the Miner &. Company sash, door and blind
factory now stands. He made a claim to all the lands comprised in
the original plat of Racine, containing about 14o acres. During the
following winter Capt. Knapp left, returning again in April, x835.

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