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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

Honest, industrious people welcome in Wisconsin,   pp. 13 [12]-[13] PDF (572.6 KB)

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                                -'.  -,
  The advantage to anyone in coming to Wisconsin to locate
permanently is that he is not taking his family to a wild and
barren region which it will take years to develop: he is oom-
ing to a country that is already possessed of all the advan-
tages to be secured in almost any country of fifty years of age.
The manufacturing and lumber interests have built up prosper-
ous and happy communities in almost every ten miles of the
vast area of Northern Wisconsin. The railroads have net-
worked the State in a manner that makes cities like Chicago,
Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis almost neighbors. The
country has already excellent schools; in fact there is no place
in Northern Wisconsin to-day where there exists the need of a
teacher to instruct six children and a school-house that they
are not supplied. The people who are in the country engaged
in manufacturing and other lines dependent thereon are an en-
terprising, far-seeing class who recognize the necessity of im-
proving the now unprofitable timbered lands. Every county
and its people will lend to settlers all the assistance that is
possible in making their home a pleasant one and their farm
a profitable one. The size of some of the counties which in-
vite immigration is so large and so generally misunderstood
that it is surprising to know that counties which contain twenty
thousand people have cheap lands for fifty thousand more.
None of the counties nor none of the sections of Wisconsin
which ask people to come and locate there are without a fair-
sized population now, but the extent of the territory and the
hundreds of thousands of acres of land which are uwooupied
make it possible for one hundred thousand more families to
find within the borders of Wisconsin plenty of land which
                   L  i'I .,-i                        , a ,

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