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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 11: July, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.4 MB)

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Official Organ of the Wiscon 
~smn State Horticultural Society  UJvv sjy 
Vol. I                                              July, 1911          
                                 No 11 
             PORT WING 
  Port Wing is ot) the siuth shore of 
  Lake Superior about hialfwiiy between 
Bayfiell and Superior. It can      be 
reached by   of aftitof, t horstback or 
stage. The railroial point is 
Iron River, IfWity inhits south; pol-i 
Illation stnliwltert between -1(00 and 
5(00, lit I gi'tlc-,s; I t\ itr tliron thiutrelies. 
finte school buitlings, a Iltfl sigh, a 
harbor and ;I wid(-awakt lot of in- 
hab itants. 
  It was oie t f' lt-,l chte October 
days that piwts writ(- ',lolt when we 
itade the trip front 
I ron River and it 
was On10 long to hf 
lenlienlbered.  AV 
Iheaitrt ilIy  rec o' II I  'ý Id 
this trilp to all who 
love   nlatore   l1ll- 
marred by the ,'lind 
of man. Ionitesteads 
average   1ess tiiaii 
ntie to the mile and 
these olly oti the 
highway.   It is : 
rolling country atind 
from the crests of 
fho higher hills ono 
tan look for' miles 
and miles in every 
direetion  and   see 
nothing   but  ruin 
itid  dlesolation,  a 
wildernes  of   pine     A Snap Shot. M 
stunips, lhlaikinel birch tritniks alni 
hrushl, the ghlastly wreck left, by the 
Ituiherlnen lind forest fires. One htill- 
tide away off in thi soothlieln distantei 
resplendent wvith th+w mi~tlunln vohring' 
,f' red oak, inspired in every tiethtr 
',f lie piarty tnutlih tii sittit feeling 
is do(e the Atierican Ilag to tile re- 
irnting travehlr; wi w, iteld to cheler, 
for we werei all frntt the land of the 
red oak. 
  'ihere is ntthing whic- s, iiliri'sst,.-. 
tie, with the greatiiss, fIlt( itlnll- 
ýity of the state if Wiscotsin its titest' 
millions of aeress of virgin hltd iII 
the  northern  ii, utties. The  r ill 
farms, the Il'rn s,  asio nd  air of 
I-r ),I   ri y I f  t]l.  s,  I  t 1, 'r11  cm  I IItIh(s 
tell I f I I'  jI)treseutII,  ) t 11 h   ln  ill  the 
nolth  is tlh ftujt r,, of  \' is(,,nsitI. 
  H[ero iln northernl 1hyieh v <.I- ,runI Ity 
itIon  ig i ItI.  I)fte h I ial  wI . : h II 'f  :1t 
lk i I dI gI on I  IIl. The  hmIldt..II  Inny  he  pi'f - 
tu,1resque  and  d(-_,oh1,ht  but  und(,rfot'q 
are some n i f  the  ricl-.i soils  in  thIt 
worhld 111tolllled Iby III('I11,,m. 
  Hif  this story prl ioii tl in  1ih t w- 
ginnitng to tell about l't.i Wing. NN-, 
foldI If , d  i1 l"nlr afit o   ni1'11h' It is  t.c 
at 1 , r 1   \)1  V  in I "n11,1 1if-I h I (-',,  fi '1. , tr ip. 
A\lsolt two loilhfs  olit, of  l,,wn  is  file 
.r. Braun and the Trial Orchard Com., Oct. 1910 
  homnestead of' Clhws. Laurson. Mr. ln;r- everyole else up1 thlere, be- 
  lii'us"it risingl ' apple tre(s front seed 
  andi hlits dzens of thrifty seedlingss 
  sonlte  fifteett'l~l ' yea hol.  Tileso  t'v(",. 
  have\' b~oirmi heavily for years, its shown't 
  I~ lieyt-ei'ollitin- litlti '.hes. Apiplc tree' 
  ini this clitiante waste Itio tliergy ini 
  suirlulis wood growth, the trees are 
  sqlailtt , rxiind-tiplied  and  evetn  as 
  /'YoIib ll'gtI r(,S  covereftf  with  frtuithing 
  s It 1is. 
    Mr. L~irsoljl'S s.-edliilg-S bear :it five 
 .Wears hi antld It eight bear teavily. 
 ()tit twelvh' vt-it'ar-ld  Yellow  Trans- 
 pai'rent t'et- hIr, (e'vt-n  buisitels  of 
 friiit in 1909. ]it atnh] titonld Port 
  \V'ill,  il'o  a~hout  li%(-  thousandl  frulit 
  t1"v(ý,  Ilostly  pl~lalth'd  withll  two  dIr 
    Elsiti ()lnon li-has 10) chifrry and 900 
 applule. ( Ie-s. 1oliisosni alt ,ut 1WX)f) ap- 
 p    ndsI-lit- i- I-i - i slIr, ury.  (u. A. IB'aft 
 ina ip :1 1s iN ice i  tIr ie tgo tn  I In ri I  mid 
    :Indd,  cm l c erry  tl'f-ý  on.,  folind  in 
 1112,1rY (Wery ilorvryi.d 
   Good. se.nse, has Ievit sh,,wn in the 
 ihti tiili. of  varitios,  )ka i , Long- 
 'iehi, i)i i l, ss, t Vit it   W olf Rt iver, 
 Yellow 'lralisp'u'ew, N. W. (Greeninlg 
 in app]h's and the two> standard (-her- 
 ries, Monti,>reivy t td   liety Rich- 
   This is t ltitu-'at fruit i O-fi-tly. The 
 trees are :III 1hl'ifty, sotnd  and  vig-r- 
 (tI's. Th-'ti ltie   i- isttl ft heavy rvet 
 claiy of la ' Sti'ý11ji rio'  sli tion  ult  it 
 litig er of Ilay, ]- ll,  pe'rfwe 'tly  i'loph'd 
 to fruit growine. 
   Some, day fiti i flrike ltil tll ,nect 
 Sttljwr'ir, Porlt W ing.., < ornuocopia  ;ind 
 ]oyfiehl. land~ will he  ],o<h:re,<  in  quar- 
 tAr sertion ['i'Iits iofsteaid olf i(i-lwre 
 i'ttisttes aid flit and pilt s pdanted 
 by the 11u1mdred thlousatnl. 
   The iike Superior shore line froit 
 Ashln gn-i 'rth ýil wett to tahe west 
 ilei, of li ,l' , where we encounter 
 th. r(,d( clay, will so,,ic (LIN.,'and soot], 
 soutltheirn shere i, lotf-u I ) Ontaurio in 
 ihe it gloot froit 1wit alke sei  ons tiu 
 N,'\\ York.. 
  A seriods disease of onions in vft-t- 
ern states is th ilight oriti hwny ail- 
dtae, which iutsIlially liiilots itsi uppeii- 
!iln'(' al0Itb u  lnhi - 'l-saTso   Or  When  wN-rtll1 
w~el weatther previ'Vtls.  It  e l(,1t l's'  11 
1.1ighiing oft" w lhe ahIves  of:  thl, lplanit. 
Aitiiy gr'owers,  i'llan, amili/ar  with  its 
  As  this disease dlov,4  nti  disfitl'llr 
thC b~ltls or destroy\ thientl NS SMlltt 
anld I1n '2ia  Igts  do,  /Zl'owv rs  nri 1"t,  l 
likely it) consider it  it  serious  troll- 
ble; beidehhs the disease dhoes noit oftelu 
beclomie serioiusý mtili the onions have 
m~ade ejisllsb,n'ible ]bollolns and USU- 

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