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Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Association, et al. / Wisconsin D.H.I.A. record
Vol. IV (1937)

I. Production tested herds. Herds in at least their third consecutive year of D.H.I.A. testing,   pp. 8-9 PDF (359.0 KB)

Page 8

Herds in at Least Their Third Conseutive Year of
DHI.A   Testing
Heeds were omitted from this list for three reasons:
l. Not yet started on the third consecutive year of testing;
2. No list of living cows in the herd (July 1937) reported by the
D.H.I.A. fieldman;
3. Lactation records on cows with one or more completed lacta-
tions on test not all reported to the Records Office by the
D.H.I.A. fieldman.
The herds are listed alphabetically according to the herd owner's
name under each breed. Each herd is given an index number by which
it is referred to in the Progeny Tested Sire and Dam lists.
Immediately after the herd owner's name and address is given
information on herds certified as free from Bang's disease (C.B.F.)
by the offices of Dr. J. S. Healy, Federal Veterinarian and the State
Department of Livestock Sanitation, up to July 1, 1937.
Following this are the breed of the herd, the number of years of
continuous D.H.IA. testing since last period out of association, the
total number of cows of milking age in the herd in July, 1937, the
number with one or more completed lactation records on file in the
Records Office, the total number of records on file for those living
cows, and their average level of milk production, test, and fat pro-
duction on a mature cow, 305 day lactation, two milkings per day
basis. Herd No. 43 wili serve as an example:

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