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Barish, Lawrence S. (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1995-1996 Blue Book

Thompson, Tommy G.
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State of Wisconsin
July 1995
Dear Readers:
A few months ago, I was proud to report to the people of Wisconsin that the
state of the
state is excellent. We've established a strong foundation. We're moving forward,
preparing to lead the nation into the 21 st century.
In Wisconsin, we don't shy away from a challenge -- we rise to meet it. In
this biennium,
we will continue to meet our challenges with enthusiasm, optimism, and innovation.
Working together, we will replace welfare checks with jobs, improve our education
system, maintain our outstanding record of economic growth, and deliver the
largest tax
cut in' state history by providing over $1 billion in property tax relief.
The 1995-96 Wisconsin Blue Book will serve as an indispensable tool to the
citizenry of
our great state as we move ahead. It provides the knowledge and understanding
of state
government necessary for meaningful participation in the governing process.
I encourage
each and every one of you to utilize this most outstanding resource.
This edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book is dedicated to Dr. H. Rupert Theobald,
Chief of the Legislative Reference Bureau. Dr. Theobald served the Wisconsin
Legislature in this capacity for 30 years -- the longest tenure of any director
of a
legislative service agency in the United States. It is so very appropriate
that we dedicate
the 1995-96 Blue Book to an individual who served the state of Wisconsin
tremendous dedication, impeccable integrity, and an unwavering commitment
I invite you to work with us to create a new government for a new century.
Together, we
will build a better and brighter tomorrow for the generations of the future,
and prepare the
great state of Wisconsin to lead the nation into the 21 st century.
TOMMY          .THOMPSON         X
  Room 115 East, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7863, Madison, Wisconsin 53707 e
(608) 266-1212 9 FAX (608) 267-8983

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