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Heg, J. E. (ed.) / The Blue Book of the state of Wisconsin

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  In presenting the Blue Book of 1883, the twenty-second annual edition,
the legislature, the compiler trusts that it may be received with the same
confidence in its reliability, that has been given to his previous work.
book is not as large as that of last year, but it is believed that, with
the ex-
ception of the census by towns, everything that has heretofore appeared,
will be found fully complete, with the addition of several new features.
No very important features, however, have been added. In fact the book
now embraces about every subject in the political or financial condition
the state.. The book is already too large, and any emphatic additions would
make it cumbersome and expensive without materially increasing its value.
The difficulty of obtaining information, moreover, will prevent the Blue
Book from becoming what it might be under other circumstances. The
compiler can use only such material as he finds before him, and this is util-
ized to the utmost. Should he go beyond this and seek information from
county and town officials, the chances are that he would get but few returns
so long as no compensation is allowed for that work.
  The Secretary of State thought best to use the old stereotype plates for
Constitution and the Manual, instead of purchasing new plates as the law
18S2 would have allowed, since the change in state printer would have
necessitated the purchase of new plates again, with the issue of the next
volume, in order that there might be uniformity in the type, throughout the
  The compiler has given the vote for each town and election district, for
President in 1880, Governor in 1881, and for member of Congress in 18S2.
Thus the vote of any town for three successive years is given in full on
same page, a feature that will commend itself to those who have frequent
occasions for such comparisons.
  A map of the state, showing the congressional districts in colors, and
picture of the state capitol as it will appear when the extensions are com-
pleted, are valuable additions to the number of illustrations.
  The annually increasing demand for the Blue Book, particularly from
the public schools, shows that the information it contains is of special
to the student and the teacher as well as to every citizen of our state.
                                                             J. E. H.
  MnADnON, February 1, 1883.

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