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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: P],   pp. 250-263

Page 250

    IT PAYS TO TRADE AT                                   - 
    THE BUSY CORNER                     THE DAYLIGHT STORE 
8 AOSB            FOND Du Lc] 250 [DmmaoBY          PAG 
J   Osborn Angeline S. Miss, h 48 Sheboygan. 
i  Osborn Cynthia E. (wid. Daniel S.) h 48 Sheboygan. 
    Osborn Freeman A. tmstr. h 15o N. Brooke. 
    Osborn Harriet E. (Osborn & Halverson) h 48 Sheboygan. 
    Osborn & Halverson (Harriet E. Osborn, Ida W. Halverson) 
        props. The Bellevue Restaurant, 59-61 S. Main. 
  Osgood Abel W. h 484 Kaye. 
    Osgood Abel Jr. lab. h 484 Kaye. 
  JOsgood Ellen Miss, h 484 Kaye. 
  O'Shea Lulu, bkpr. 24 S. Main, h 24o E. Merrill. 
  Z Osier Allen J. tmstr. 14 4th, h 173 Ruggles. 
   Osier Nina, opr. Wis. Tel. Co. h 173 Ruggles. 
  Ostergaard Arthur D. electr. h 361 Western av. 
    Oswald Adolph, mach. h 130 S. Hickory. 
lip J. mach. h 370 S. Mari. 
brakeman Soo Line, h 127 E. Rees. 
m F. condr. Soo Line, h 127 E. Rees. 
Imina, dressmaker, 94 5th, h same. 
domestic, 'h 15o E. ISt. 
  LAC, WIS.   CEMENT         :    Tel. 15 
*ick H. jeweler, 31 S. Main, h 12.1 E. Ist. 
bert J. com. tray. h 15 W. 12th.               0 
liam V. restaurant, i i N. Main, h 12 W. Division. 
Lnie Miss, h 90 E. Johnson.                r 0 
etsky Anton, lab. h 508 Washington.              > 
.EWERY CO. Charles J. Schlicher, agt. 6 S. Brooke. 5. X 
e Works (W. F. Schmidt and Charles Fay) 63 N.    to 
n, h 4oo N. Brooke.                              Z 
e Miss, Ih 70 S. Sibley. 
ah Miss, hi 7o S. Sibley. 
(wid. Sidney) h 397 Grove.                      0 
(wid. Samuel) h 37 N. Union.                 to 
t F. mach. hd. h 479 Walker.                     > 
ur, mach. hd. h 124 E. I3th.                 n 8 
st (26) died Nov. 5, 1913. 
eenberg Co. Sash ond Door Factorg 
Established  8 +         Telephon L. SOOS 
and McW~lllama Sts. FOND DU LAC, W!SCONSIN111 

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