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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: N],   pp. 241-246

Page 241

     Helmer Milling Co                  andur# Grans 
                                       14 16.18 Fourth U. Pon. du Lac 
     MUR           FoD Du LAc] 241 [DIBECTOnY         NEE_80 
 0 A Murray Joseph, undertaker, h 64 E. Follett. 
   g Murray Julia E. teacher Cleveland school, h 64 E. Follett. 
10, Murray Mary K. teacher McKinley school, h 64 E. Follett.    0 
     Murray Michael, plumber, 21 S. Main, h 253 4th. 
     Murray Regina, teacher, h 241 E. Cotton. 
 . Murray Robert M. barber, 3 E. Arndt, h 64 E. McWilliams. 
 2. t Murtha James, barkpr. I7O Forest av. h same. 
   C Murto Louise A. milliner, h 16o W. Arndt. 
     Murto Patrick, lab. h I69 W. Arndt. 
 go- Musgat John H. adv. agt. I81 Gillett, h same. 
 rQ ; Musgat Orson H. (Musgat & Guepe) h 179 Gillett. 
   * MUSGAT & GUEPE (Orson H. Musgat, John Guepe) harness 
     Mumakers, trunks and bags, 144 S. Main. 
   SMuth George, yardmaster C. & N. W. Ry. h 179 Forest av. 
     Muth Gustav, lab. h 320 W. Scott. 
0 Myers Jennie, cook, 17o Forest av. 
   . Myers Thomas, tinsmith, h 135 Rose. 
                                  LADY ASSISTANT 
     171-1s75 NORTH MAIN STRIEIT               TELEPHONE 6S 
-N                                                               - 
C0     AHAS Peter Rev. asst. pastor St. Patrick's church, h 19 E W 
_A   Nash William, tmstr. h 28 E. Johnson. 
60=Nass Robert H. brakeman Soo Line, h 8o South. 
C   Nast Carl, h 58 N. Marr. 
=   Nast Emma K. Miss, h i5o 5th.                                > 
   Nast Ida B. seamstress, h 150 5th. 
   Nast Kunigunde (wid. Julius A.) h 150 5th. 
    Nast Leo, clk. h 71 E. Rees. 
=   Nast Pauline, stenog. Ii0 S. Brooke, h 71 E. Rees.         3 
    National Cash Register Co. W. P. Meagher, sales agt. 14 She- 5: 
2009    boygan. 
'   National Express Co. R. E. Canniff, agt. 63 S. Main. 
MNATIONAL FOOD CO. T. E. Pritchard, pres.; D. B. Foster, 
        v-pres.; A. H. Richardson, sec.-mngr.; W. 0. Pritchard, 
        treas. asst. mngr. 183-187 Western av. (See adv. page 2.) 
  CONational Tea Co. Abraham Obma, mngr. 25 N. Marr. 
C=Neeb Clara (wid. Edward) h 229 Oak. 
     Crofoot Lumber Cow Hr 
    Doors, Mouldings, Fine Interior Finish       OAw BIRCH [AND 

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