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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: L],   pp. 198-211

Page 198

a3  THE BUSY CORNER                     THE DAYLIGHT STORE 
  SKUS            FOND Du LAO 198 [DnwoTouy          LAK 
a Kussow Omar, clk. 314 4th, h 177 Everett. 
2    Kyle Eva, principal Grant school, h 41 6th. 
     Kyle Mary (wid. Thomas H.) h 41 6th. 
     Kyle Thomas H. condr. C. & N. W. Ry. h 94 Marquette. 
   A___Geeiv,,ilnr,5                .Man     85E   t   .   < 
       L  ABORDE Frank, tmstr. 6 E. Division, h 185 E. 9th.   I 
C.2rd Geeivmlie, 52 S. Main, h 185 E. 9th. 
     Laborde Jesse M. plumber, 61 N. Main, h 185 E. 9th. 
040)Laborde John B. watchman, h 185 E. 9th.                   A 
L aborde Leo G. clk. h 185 E. 9th. 
LL   Laboy Mary L. domestic, h io8 Cherry. 
     LaCourt Rose, student, h 53 E. Johnson. 
C    Ladwig Emilie, domestic, h 211 E. 2d. 
=    Ladwig Mary, domestic, h 211 E. 2d. 
C=   Lafferty Grace E. clk. 124 S. Main, h 51 N. Union. 
     Lafferty James B. Jr. h 51 N. Union.                "II 
SLafferty James H. h 51 N. Union. 
     Kuimerow & Menge                 Wholesale 
SID 0.   lain Street  Pon& d,..   . Liquor Dealers 5 
O    Lafferty Mary A. trimmer, h 51 N. Union.          -_ 
"', Lafferty Rose, dressmkr. 51 N. Union, h same. 
     LaFore Gladys, musician, h 285 5th.                O2 
LaFore Josephine (wid. Joseph) h 169 Chestnut. 
LA_ LaFore Nelson, cutter, h 36 N. Waupun.              C,4 
    LaFore Raymond F. barkpr. 2 N. Main, h 188 Chestnut.    a P 
LaFore William, acct. F. D. Lac Church F. Co. h 113 N. Wau-1me 
1m'u Lagar William, trucker, h 98 Cherry. 
    Lageman Elizabeth (wid. Charles) h 39 5th. 
-alLageman Harriet J. music tchr. 39 5th, h same. 
I Lagher Frances, cook, 58 4th, 'h same. 
    Lagler Jacob, lab. h 213 W. Cotton. 
    Lainhart Alexander, lab. h 431 E. Merrill. 
 g Laird George C. sexton St. Paul's Cathedral, h 6I S. Portland.  i 
    Laird Leo J. clk. 54 W. Division, h 61 S. Portland. 
    Laisure Ernest E. tmstr. h 322 Morris. 
    Lake Park, n end N. Main.h   M 
    S. Main St., POND DU LAC. Books, StatlonerF. Wai, Paper, Paintg, O11k
        TOLEPHONE 382       Spiesm Etc. Agmnt. for the Eastman xodma. 

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