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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: K],   pp. 177-198

Page 177

     Helmer Milling Co. 
     J UD          FoiND Du Lto] 177 [DIECTORY         KAIo  8 
 o   Judkins Charles W. butter mkr. h 50 W. Division._ 
   o Judkins Luella, stenog. 0. C. Steenberg Co. h 50 W. Division. _C= 
2 Juliand Cecelia R. (wid. John R.) h 55 4th. 
04   Julius Charles, lab. h io Gould. 
     Julius Charles F. lab. h 211 Wilkins. 
   o Julius Louis, foreman, h 203 Western av. 
    Julius Michael, lab. h io Gould. 
Cd   Julius Shaheen, h io Gould. 
b    Jung William, tinner, h 234 N. Main. 
     Jurgens Emma Miss, h 205 Taylor. 
  4$ Jurgens John, h 205 Taylor. 
  :2 Jurawicz John, lab. h 580 4th. 
Justen Bros. (William J. and Theodore Justen) cigar mnfrs. rw'k 
  -     28 N. Main. 
  T. Justen Charles J. foreman, h ioo Cherry. 
0 0 Justen Corine, tester, h 36 N. Waupun. 
    Justen George, barkpr. i S. Main, h 93 Harrison pl. 
Justen John Sr. carp. h 36 N. Waupun. 
    Justen Theodore (Justen Bros.) h Everett, Wash. 
    NDERTAKERS                        ARL & SON 
       NE           K             LADY ASSISTANT 
     t71-175 NORTH MAIN STREIET                TELEPHONE 65 
     Justen William J. (Justen Bros.) h i68 8th. 
     Justl John, carp. h 377 Liberty. 
          SK                                                    r 
a Adolph, cabt. mkr. h i79 E. I3 
Lg Bertha, bkpr. h i79 E. 13th. 
yard F. foreman, h 179 E. 13th. 
tfried, janitor, h 89 E. 9th. 
tin F. tailor, 132 S. Main, ,h 236 S 
tin W. condr. h 389 Sherman. 
A. bkpr. i8o W. Division, h 381 
insp. h 38I E. Merrill. 
1, tmstr. h 381 E. Merrill. 
Miss, h 57 E. Arndt. 
d, lab. h 123 W. Johnson. 
beth, domestic, h 1i1 E. Division. 
lab. h 251 Oak. 
tool mkr. h 318 Linden. 
)ot'Lumber 0 
uldings, Fine Interior Finish 
K                           N" r" 

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