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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: F],   pp. 116-132

Page 116

When you are laid up at home or at the Hospital, THE TRAVELERS 
ACCIDENT AND HEALTH POLICY will pay your expenses. See 
Jay P. McDermott. Special Agent, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.            q 
   FAB            FoND DU LAc 116 [DiREoTORy 
  < J ABER Andrew, lab. h 555 Fond du Lac av. 
  F      Faber Carolyn, dept. mngr. 26 S. Main, 
  cc Faber Isabelle, domestic, h i i i E. 2d. 
  SOFaber John, lab. h 555 Fond du Lac av. 
  jFaber Nicholas, lab. h 169 W. Rees. 
  Faber Sophie (wid Phillip) h 237 S. Park av. 
  bFagan Ethel M. dressmkr. 114 W. 2d, h same. 
  - Fagan Harry, electr. h 114 W. 2d. 
   Fagan Helen C. teacher, Union School, h 114 
    Fagan John K. com. tray. h I14 W. 2d. 
  * Fagan Marie, student, h 114 W. 2d. 
O Fagan Minnie E. milliner, 52 S. Main, h 114 
    Fagan Venice A. Miss, h 114 W. 2d. 
h 237 S. Park av. 
W. 2d. 
W. 2d. 
    Fagg Benjamin, packer, h 58 4th. 
    Fahey Celia (wid. Thomas) h 368 Doty. 
    Fahey Elizabeth Miss, h 368 Doty. 
                                           UNDERTAKERS 10 
                             AL           ~and LICENSED0 
Hardurove & Gordon                            ALMCRS', 
           ~~EMBALMERS R 
F ahey James, lab. h 368 Doty. 
Fahey John E. elev. opr. 52 S. Main, h 368 Doty. 
()Fahey Sarah L. prin. Jefferson School, h 368 Doty.              0 
    Failor Andrew, engnr. Soo Line, h 230 E. Cotton. 
Ui Fair Grounds, bet. Fond du Lac av. and Martin rd. 
    FAIRBANK RAYMOND C. lawyer and justice of the peace, 8.5 t. 
        S. Main, h 83 S. Main. 
d Fairbanks Fremont G. lab. h 299 Western av.                   M 
    Fairchild Frank, clk. h 98 6th.                              - 
    Falkenstein Fred J. lab. h 424 Juneau. 
    Fallon Irene J. stenog. h 145 Gillett. 
Fallon Marv A. (wid. Joseph). h 145 Gillett. 
    Falvey Eliza E. Mrs. (L. E. McFarland & Co.) h 129 E. Merrill. 
Fancher Anna, clk. 26 S. Main, h 25 E. Johnson.            00 
   Fanuf May, domestic, h 267 S. Marr. 
    Fargo Fred M. carp. h 148 Rose.                        t-1a 
    Fargo Martin J. h 141 E. Johnson. 
    Farin Buda Miss, h 99 Harrison pl.                     (', 
m   Farin Hazel L. bkpr. h 99 Harrison pl.                  .0 
    COLLINS & KLOCK 1al Estate, Loans 
                                        Land Investments 

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