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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 80

     CHEESE HCOO                             ARFESAK 
     CESVASDA MROW                BROS.WIHAN 
     CHEESE PRESSES                         MILK CANS 
     CHEESE VATS   DA     H  W      R   S   WEIGH CANS 
8>4CAA             FOND DU LAc] 80 [DIREcToRY          CAM 
 a      AAN Jennie, domestic, h i56 4th. 
    C     Caffery Peter C. lab. Soo Ry. h 226 W. Cotton. 
 L5 Caffery William C. mach. Soo Ry. h 226 W. Cotton. 
     Cahill Cornelius (89) died July 5, 1913. 
84  Cahill James, furn. mkr. h 193 Amory. 
I   Cahill John M. checker, Soo Ry. h 365 Liberty. 
12, Cahill Margaret Miss, h 371 Cedar. 
.9  Cahill Michael, lab. h 359 Liberty. 
     Cahill Nancy Miss, h 171 3d.                           SI 
At Cahill Nellie Miss, h 371 Cedar. 
d ý.Cahill Thomas, brakeman, C. & N. W. h 252 Fulton.        
.f, 2Caillouette John, painter, h 183 Rose. 
14Cain Julia, domestic, h 59 W. Follett. 
V'Caine Edward T. mason, h 157 Ruggles.                    >1> 
ý3.tCaine Frank J mason, h 157 Ruggles.                      IV 
!ZCaine Frank W. (22) died Mar. 19, 1913.                 0M 
     4!A0IW  3   f _Dry Goods, Carpets, Rugs, 
                  E~ff~I'~)J4Curtains, Lamps, Crockery,      r~ 
                                     Cloaks, Furs, Suits. 
    Caine Sarah Miss, h 157 Ruggles. 
    Caine Sarah, assembler, h 171 Ruggles. 
    Caine see also Kane. 
  Cale Agnes M. receptionist, 102 S. Main, h 253 Linden.         > W 
  l94Cale Margaret, milliner, h 253 Linden.                -" 
  W Cale Rose A. bkpr. F. D. L. Church Furn. Co. h 174 W. 2d.   Z 
  9 sCale Thomas P. Jr. police, h 174 WV. 2d.                00 
  l Caley Stephen B. saloon, 26 N. Main, h 4oi Doty. 
  114Callaghan Nuna J. teacher, h 30 E. 2d. 
   Callaghan Thomas L. candy mkr. h 240 5th. 
    Callahan Catherine (wid. Bernard) (85) died Dec. 12, 192. 
Callahan James E. painter, h 235 E. Cotton. 
m   Calvary Cemetery, Empire rd. s e city limits. 
Calvary Cemetery Association, 36-40 N. Main.               0on 
    Calvey Anna, boarding, 126 Harrison pl. h same. 
N   Calvey Lawrence E. clk. 94 S. Main, h 41 Gould.              0 
    Calvy Peter J. physician, 9 N. Main, hf81 4th. 
LLJCamp Alfonzo, lab. h 613 Military. 
    Camp Alvin, lab. h 124 W. Scott. 
                " RE ate      B. Schuchardt           IL707 
    Real Es                  BUYS, SELLS AND RENTS TO 
                            ADVANTAGE TO HIS GLIENTS 

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