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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

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Page 213

RUIOLUTIONS.                         323
Mr. Culbertson moved the adoption lieve  roads  should  be  under
of the following resolution, which local control, to  the  end that
was unanimously adopted:          all that may be   benefited, Shal
Resolved, That this largely at- in some measure bear a part of the
tended  eleventh annual round-up expense, therefore we favor the pass-
Farmers' Institute  do heartily en- age of joint resolution No 10, A,
dorse the anti-pool selling bill, intro- which contemplates an amendment
duced into the Wisconsin assembly to section 10, article 8, of the consti-
by the Hon. George Wylie, and do tution of Wisconsin, allowing  state
hereby ask for its passage."      aid in the construction of wagon
Your committee   on  resolutions roads for free public traveL
hereby submit the following:       Resolved,  That  in  the  selec-
Resolved, That we   contemplate tion  of  Appleton, one  of  the
with pleasure the continuous ad- most   beautiful  cities  in  the
vancement of public sentiment in re- state,  for this the closing Insti-
gard to the construction  of good tute, the superintendent made no
roads in our state. That we propose mistake, as is manifest by the large
to continue to foster this sentiment, attendance, the great enthusiasm,
and in all proper ways work to the and complete accommodations, and
end of having systematic work and that for the cordial reception and
permanent stone roads leading to the many attentions of its citizens we
various business centers in all local- tender our profound thanks.
ities, thus ensuring to every tax        Respectfully submitted,
payer personal benefits proportion-            H. A. Arnold,
ate to the amount of taxes he may              M A. Briggs,
pay                                            W  W   Chadwick,
Resolved, That while   we   be-                      Committee.
Before this Institute comes to a of the conductors of this Institute
close, the citizens of this county and and of all those who have taken part
especially those of our city desire to in its proceedings.
express their obligation to those citi-  Therefore, Be it resolved that the
zens from surrounding counties and thanks of our citizens be and hereby
neighboring cities who have aided us are extended to our neighbors who
in securing this annual round up, have so aided us; and to the very
and who have by their presence and able corps of conductors of this In-
interest here contributed to make it stitute  and  those speakers from
a success,                        abroad who have done so much to
We also wish at this time to ex- make this Institute the great success
press our appreciation of the work that it is

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