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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Scott, L. E.
Saving fertility,   pp. 28-36 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 28

L. E. SCOTT, Neenah, Wis.
F Farm property of L. E. Scott. The wagon shown in the foreground is a homemade
affair, 14
ft. longe insidh nea.aurelneuat with Iu inch projections on each side, not
only making it convenient
for hlaling potato's or other bulky products to market, but a good sized
load of manure may
Ib broUight back thiereij from the livery stables and hotel barns of the
city, to assist in keeping
up the fertility of the farm.
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle-     only for the benefit of the original
men.-A fertile soil is the foundation  owner, but for succeeding     genera-
of succesful agriculture.  It is the   tions.
first thing sought by the inquiring
pioneer seeking a farm and a home.          We Must Enrich the Soil.
Other conditions may enter into his      It seems almost incredible, In this
consideration, but the first and most advanced age, that men of ordinary
important is fertility, and he eagerly judgment in most matters, can be
looks for evidence of it in the charac- found, who believe in the inexhausti-
ter and growth of the original crop,   bility of soils; and that they are
whether it be of forest trees, or of cere in their belief, I have no doubt
prairie grass, for he well knows that when I see how prodigal they are in
it is the base upon which his future   their practice. The best we can do,
hopes and prospects are to be builded. it we are consuming or selling more
Equally important is it that this fer- from our farms than we are return-
tility, when once obtained, be   con- ing to them, then they are certainly
served and judiciously used, that it becoming     poorer.   They   may  
may serve to the best advantage, not show it for a term of years, for they

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