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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Morgan, Carrie E.
Our public schools,   pp. 145-150 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 145

CA   = IEL X. O AN, 8upt. City Schools, Appleton, Win.
serious   defects,   it   remains    for
toeitereted to    ""VI e  1 mu1
of bettering  our condition.  This
is not a question that interests
teachers alone, the responsibility rests
with the people as well.
A step was taken in the right diroe-
tion when it became the custom to
hold shool-board conventions an w.U
as teachers' conventions, and to pub-
lish school-board journals as well a
teachers' journals. The last tep
taken when meetings of parents and
teachers were held to discuss topics cf
vital interest to both. This last move-
ment is still in its infancy, but its pos-
sibilities are vast. I believe that more
can be done by this means than any
other, for there are conditions exist-
ing in our school-rooms to-day that
parents only can remedy.
The Good Teacher-Her Qualita-
CABnIa E. MORGAN.            Undoubtedly the first requisite for
good schools is good teachers. With
So much has been said about the in- these, good results can be obtained
fluence of the public school, that there even in the face of difficulties,
can be no longer any doubt as to the without them  the  most modern
relation of this institution to our na- school-houses and the best of appar-
tion's welfare. The question that is atus count for little. The necessary
occupying the minds of educators to- qualities of a truly good teacher are
day is: How   can we secure better many.   We cannot expect perfection
schools? It is for conference on this in school-teachers any more than we
question that our teachers' conven- can expect it in other human beings,
tions are held. While our schools are but there are certain qualities that
good and a credit to the nation, all ed- we do expect every teacher to possess.
ucators know that there is much to be  First, she must be well-prepared for
done, if we would take first rank her work. She must have a good edu-
among nations. Germany has long cation and know how to impart the
been noted for the excellency of her knowledge she has. She must be sys-
schools. At the time of the exhibit at tematic, thorough and progressive.
the world's fair our public school sy.- She must possess a character that
tem   received  some  severe  criti- exert a good influence over her pupils.
ciam  by European authorities.  If She must understand child-nature.
it is true  that our system    has She must be kind, but firm, consider-
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