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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Imrie, John
The co-operative creamery,   pp. 202-205 PDF (1009.6 KB)

Page 202

- .117MM"MIOPP, 11  ~ 111111111
32              WIBOONS     FA33UR      INTITUT L
quarter inch rope, and it run  r        from one building to another. You
nicely. I think we got 200 feet of have new rope for the difermat
three quarter inch rope, only costing lengths.
$3. In that way you can transmit
IoHN         , Kisha Xokwa, Wil.
growth upon the farm into milk,
is some method by which we can re-
duce the cost of midng a pound of
butter to the minimum Now, along
this line comes in the cooperative
creamery. Intead of etch farmer
who keeps cows investing a certain
amount of money in building. and
machinery necessary to produce
good butter, we propose by this co-
operative plan, to make one plant,
one building, one met of machinery,
and one butter maker do the w
of from fifty to one hundred of those
dairy farmers, thereby think-in that
we can economize in time, labor, and
in dollars and cents. We fnd nearly
all of those engaged in other
branches of business combining, form-
ing corporations and trusts, for their
own mutual benefit and self Inter-
est. Then why should not we farm-
er. wake up along this line and try
to cooperate together so that we
can produce butter at a cheaper cost
JOHN IXRIz.            per pound than it generally costs
the average dairyman to produce
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle- it.
men:-Since  dairying  has become
such an important industry to the    O                  i
farmers of Wisconsin, it seems to   I am going to speak of the m er
me that the most important thing of cooperating and of organizing.
to be considered, after we have, by We called a meeting representing the
careful selection and Breeding, ob- number of cows tributary to the
tained the best machines that we creamery and estimated about what
possibly  can  under our circum- it would cost to build a creamery.
stances,  for changing  the  food We voted to build one and voted to
I- I
t -  1k,-i

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