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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Convey, Thomas
Tillage,   pp. 21-27 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 21

armTI -,        LLAGN.                                        21-, . !  '''
'- -
'  '  '                       ~~~~TILLAGE.
THOMAn CONVEY, Ridgeway, Wis.
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle- is to do fall plowing, and that the
men:-The subject of tillage comprises opinion is, that it is necessary to
such a large field that it will be out that, in order to get fairly good
of the question to discuss it in all its sults. On the south and west, where
bearings. Tillage refers to the prep- the soil is lighter, spring plowing
aration of land for the crop, to the preferred in the majority of case,
seeding of the crop, to the care of the more particularly with those farmers
crop, and to the kinds of crops that who like to keep a growing crop on
you raise, in order to Improve the their land as nearly all the time as
mechanical condition of the soil and possible. There are certain advan-
r7 .     ,
to   rata  th-  -  rtiliv - - a In.J t 4  .t r1i1
io rebuan Lae ierulity, bU H I. w; .
be utterly impossible to fully discuss
this question in the time allotted me.
I will confine myself, therefore, to
speaking with reference to plowing,
harrowing, cultivating and rolling.
We find a great diversity of opinion
In regard to the time in which to
plow and the manner in which to
plow. Along the whole eastern side
ot the state we find that the tendency
t.a.e   --o.nnete  with  fall plnwing
that we should take into considers-
tion. Of course it facilitates the put-
ting in of the crop to have a portion
of the spring work done in the fail;
besides that, the action of the frost
and the other elements tend, in a
measure, to pulverize and reduce faill
plowed land and get it in very much
better conditionto yield up its fertil-
ity to the crop the following season.
It will retain moisture to a greater
extent and will give better results, es-
pecially with stiff, clayey soil.

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