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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Eleventh annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Elk-horn, Wis., January 31, and February 1 and 2, 1883. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Report of committee on machinery for dairy use,   pp. 158-160 PDF (478.0 KB)

Page 158

158          EzVF  m  lM ANNUAL RzpogT OF TBI 
DIVIMON 5-Machineryfor Dairy Use. 
Engine and Boller, complete. 
IHose Power. 
Dog or Animal Power. 
Feed Cutter. 
Root Cutter. 
Wagoa or Device for Tansrtig Cram from frm to the Creamy. 
Devce for Attaching or Conneting, Wind Mll to Churn or Feed Cutbr. 
Motor for Da" or Creamery Use. 
Your committee to whom was referred the examination of machinery 
for dairy use would report that they found on exhibition a very excellent
and interesting array of useful and thoroughly practical machinery. 
At the head, in point of extent of exhibits, was the display of three up-
right and two horisontal engines, and also oe force pump, from the dairy
supply firm of Chas. P. Willard & Co, Ccago, 
These engines combine compactness, economy of fuel, sfety and ease of 
management in an eminent degree, and ar well worthy of attention from 
all who desire a firtclass engine for dairy purpos. 
The Watertown Steam Engine Co., of Watertown, New York. exhibited 
a four-horsepower engine and boiler, which, in the estimation of your 
committee, shows a very good degree of merit in thoroughness of construe-
tion and adaptation to the uses of the dairy 
H. P. Yae a Co., of Mhlwaukee, also exhibffited a very neatly-made port-
able engine of desirahie pattern. 
The Kriebel Vibrating Engine, exhibited by C.  Rice & Co, Chicago, 
attrcted the attention of the committee on account of the novelty of ite
construction and development of power. Your committee, of course, could 
not pss upon itb Merits in any criti   sense, but deem the engine well 
worthy of the attention of dairy me  This frm also exhibited a very 
good steam generator for cooking feed, and other farm purposes. 
The extensive and well-known manufacturers of churns and buter 
workers, Cornish & Curtis, of Fort Atkinson, Wis, exhibited a very neat
and effective power for churning purposes This device can be made very 
useful in the work of the dairy by employing a dog or a sheep, and we 
would highly recommend it for this purpose. 
A H. Reid, of Philadelphia, also-exhibited a like power, which combined 
many excellent feature. . It is well oonstted and portable. 
An interesting feure was the display made by the American Grinding 
Mill Co, of Chicago. This company exbid three of their faed isk and 
one nal sifter, the whole driv  by one of their Taylor Hose Power  The 
,                                    ' . 
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