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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Eleventh annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Elk-horn, Wis., January 31, and February 1 and 2, 1883. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Report of committee on butter making utensils,   pp. 151-153 PDF (584.5 KB)

Page 151

Wisco3IN DAmRY        eN'S ASSOCIATION.          151 
Thoroughbred Maem   Premium $175. 
A. - Best Jersey or Geey ..................... ........  .... $25 00 
B.-Ayrhe ....                                               25 00 
C - olstein or Friesan . ....                               25 00 
D.-Devons                  ....                             25 00 
E-Heords                                               .... 25 00 
F.-     -Shrthornrn ........                                25 00 
.-Poed Cattl                   .....                        25 00 
A.- Awarded to L J. Kl1jj% Keoh   Wis. 
R-Awarded to Chester Ham, Brandon, Wis. 
C.- Awarded to Thos. Bell & Son, Concord, Wi. 
D.- Awarded to L BRamon & Son, Oak Creek, Wis. 
Judges - Same as above. 
DvIVSION 4- Dairy Implements. 
Butter Making Utensils. 
Display Revolving Churns. 
Disay Chur    with Deahers or Floats 
Dislay Factory ChurnS, 
Diplay Epower Butter Workers. 
Diplay Butter Workers for Farm Daies. 
Display Butter Tra; or Boerds. 
Dispay Butter 
Dislay Butter Moulds. 
Dislay Butter Stamps. 
Display Butter Printer. 
Fo best gbneral display of Implements for Butter Makin, 
Premium, Gold Medal. 
Cornish & Curtis, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, made the largest and best
display of revolving churns, exhibiting Rectangular, Square Box and Fac-
tory churns-in all some twenty churns 
These churns are well and substantially made, of good timber and in a 
a first class  a 
The churning with the Rectangular is done with less power, and the 
butter drained with greater facility, than with other revolving churns. 
EL F. BacheJor & Sons, Rock Fals, Illinois, made a fine exhibit of their
popular Barrel churns, which are well made, and are a great favorite 
with many dairymen. They exhibited sizes for the wants of all, from a 
one cow dairy to fifty. These churns are a great improvement over the 
old dash and paddle churns. 
Chas, P. Willard & Co., 2o La Sale St., Chicago, exhibited a great va-
riety of churns, adapted the wants of all. Among them the Rectangu- 
lar, Square Box, Barrel, Blanchard, Union and Thermometer Churn. It 
was a creditable disply of well manufactured goods. 

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