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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Eleventh annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Elk-horn, Wis., January 31, and February 1 and 2, 1883. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Premiums awarded on butter at the Grand Union dairy fair, by the following scale of points,   pp. 144-146 PDF (609.8 KB)

Page 144

144         EZLavzm      ANNUAL Riwou or TM 
NO.*  FL AO      Gh AIM   Cb LO S AIN   P AC K   TOTA L   G .   I  AT   G
20.    is.     C      *       &     *0.   TOT .. lVDGN.XS 
DIvISION 1- Butter. 
CL S     -              ........................e $S50 
Enr, ave tuba or not leg than 300 pounds. 
To be divided:       1ut Premium $15; 2d Prium i$i 
In this clm there were 65 entries from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, 1me- 
sota and Ohio. 
The lrat premium was awarded to Wi. MoCredie, Algonquin, IL 
Second premium, Hiam Smith Sheboygan Fals, Wis. 
J.udgs-S. H. Conover, Plymouth, Wi.; Isaac Watts, Boston, Nam; 
Geo. C   Pane, Philadelpi 
CLASS B.-Pro rats ,       ...................................premm  ... $9
W19h mntace fee of S a*dded tr each Roby. 
For bet tub of butter, not k, than fifty pounds, made at 
any time or jlace  The total of above premium and entrance 
fee to be divided among the exhibitors in ropori  t the 
number of points obtained by each entry whose exhibit shall 
be awarded, forty-two points or over in a scale of fifty, as 
In this clan there were niney-five entries from Wisconsin, llno, 
Iow, Minnesota, Dakota and Ohio, Premiums were awarded as follow.: 
Hoatio YMerriman, Fort Atkinson Wis; George Laurene & CoD, Waukesha,
Wi.; W. H. Nichols, Waukesha, Wis; MoCredie Bros., Dundee, IlL; 
French & Curtis, Nashua Iowa; Wm.   rdeAlgonquin,ll.; K Walk, 
De Kalb, ll; Masker Haaen LIdom     Whis; J1 Il Booth, Salem, Wh; 
1 Br, Srawbery Point, lo;        ostock & Hono., Runhfod, 
E=;.;Il   S I oL a  lon, Pleast Prie, Wis; T. Wilson & Son, Celedenia
tetion, IIL.; W. IL McCruoher &a Co, Fairid, Iowa; W. Hill   Son, 
1r1ngvill, Iowa; Braaelton & Huyck, Prairie Berg; Iowa; a EL  G o 
Wauskeha, Win; Hartman, Hanford & Co., Batav, Iowa;     er Bs, 
Heboygan Falls, Wia; John Murman, Elgin. II.; H. L   Dean,   ton, 
Iowa; A. K  Bowe, Vinton, Iowa; P. . Henderson, Cntrl      ,Io; 
J C. Huger, Isb, Iowa; HL L De", Cod             Iowa; H. 
Cedar, row; John    ewman, Elin IIL; W. R L 
IIL; John Wilhel, Jr., Smithville, Ohio.; Wn. Beard  Son  Deoorh 
Iowa; P. O.  eile. Iawler, Iowa;   u     SHnit, hboygan Fals, Win; 
A. P. McKinstry. w. W. Ha, 
Iowa; J. Wa      C,     port C'ity,  a;  E H   n, She    gn Falls, 
Judges-J. B. Nuce. Philadelphia, Pa.; Bobt McAdan, Elgin, IIL; C. A. 
Huston, Cedar Rsaid, low. 
Creamery Butter-Entry to consist of not lass thanAfly pounds in each 
class. Preum    $$A 
CLASS C.- For best butter made in June, 
Seven entries.                  let Premium, $50; ad Premium, $90 
'Noyu.1 in OIta   Is b  membr a    j .   Id      ea bydp eah U. 
_                                                    _mp  r  g  a 
..b ofimX 

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