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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Eleventh annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Elk-horn, Wis., January 31, and February 1 and 2, 1883. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Report of the Grand Union dairy fair held in exposition building, Milwaukee, Wis., December 4-9, 1882,   pp. 135-138 PDF (813.5 KB)

Page 135

WICONS DAx[RY3M's AsSfoTION.          135 
Held in xpowutio Building, Milwaukeei WU., December 49, 1882. 
MILWAUKEE, May 18,1882. 
At a meeting called to meet at the Exposition Building, to 
take into consideration the feasibility of holding a dairy 
fair some time during the fall, Hon. IL D. Torrey, general 
manager of the Milwaukee Exposition Association, called the 
meeting to order, stating that it would be necessary to have 
a president and secretary of the meeting. 
HoE. Hiram Smith - As the dairy interest reaches to all 
parts of the northwest, I would nominate J. H. Lumbard, of 
Chicago, president. 
Mr. Lumbard was elected; and D.W. Curtis, Fort Atkinson; 
Wi., secretary. 
BE D. Torrey- This meeting was called to see if we could 
.not hold a dairy fair this fall for the exhibition of dairy 
products and cattle. Room for at least 500 head could be 
had in the Exposition Building. The Exposition Association 
will furnish the building and mo.ey for a liberal class of 
premiums. I can see no reason why we cannot hold a suc- 
cessful fair. 
W. D. Hoard, president of the Northwestern Dairymen's 
Association, said the first dairy fair ever held in the United 
States was held in Milwaukee in 1875. I have this idea in 
my mind: If we could secure the money and the co-opera- 
tion of the different dairy organizations, we could hold a 
large dairy fair, unite all the elements, and success would 
be  ,tn. 

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