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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Mehle, John
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cow, and the quality of milk that the cow will produce. It is a 
fact that in all our herds more or less we will find cows that win 
give you five pounds of butter to the one hundred pounds of milk. 
You turn right around and see perhaps a cow that it will take 
thirty-five or forty pounds of milk to make a pound of butter. 
Now can you afford to do so? You say you sell the milk, but you 
sell at the price of bringing down the whole price of milk delivered 
there. There is more in this examination of the individual cow 
for her ability to produce butter than hss been credited as a rule 
in our state. That attention has not been given to it which ought 
to have been at the very beginning. Select the cow for the butter 
producing qualities in that cow; and when you find a cow that it 
takes forty pounds of milk to make one pound of butter, you had 
better let somebody else have her, or let hergo to the butcher. 
Mr. Hiram Smith -I wish to say in regard to this whole ques- 
tion Mr. Sherman has talked of, in order to allay the fear of those 
who are haunted with the ghost of over-production, that Mr. Sher- 
man, in his several factories, has handled about two thousand and 
two hundred pounds of butter per day, making about a carload in 
every ten days. Now, this butter, or a large portion of it, goes 
out of the market; it goes to one party, where your butter will 
never interfere. He has built up a business there because he 
knows how to do it. Now, it is for our interest to learn from 
BYJOHN MNELUx XMilwaukee. 
Ladies and Gentlemnen, Member f at  Association:- My man - 
ufactory is in Milwaukee. I am manufacturing a kind of German 
cheese, cheese made out of skim milk, soured loppered; after the 
cream is taken off you let the milk get thick and then heat it up to 
about eighty-five degrees and let it get sour. I am buying of dif- 
ferent parties in the state at present; have bought of parties here 
at the present time; Mr. Hiram Smith is one. I have a box of the 
cheese and also a box of curd in the cheese room, and if any of 
those present wish to see it, it is there for examination. My ob- 
ject is this: to make it an object to butter makers to make the best 
profit they can get out of it. People who have tried my plan, have 

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