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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association 59th annual meeting October 25 - 26, 1950 Auditorium and Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bain, J. M.
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Page 63

peet to have guests from Norway, but we are indeed glad you are
with us.
Mr. Bain, will you introduce your four pals? They are from
London, Ontario, Canada. It has been my pleasure to be with
them at various conventions. I have always had a very good
time, and received a cordial welcome.
(Mr. Bain introduces London, Ontario, guests.)
PRES. KOPITZKE: At this time we are going to hear from
Mr. Bain, who will speak on the good neighbor policy. He is a
professor of dairy science at London, Ontario. I am happy to
present Mr. J. M. Bain.
MR. BAIN: Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen: First, I
want to put your chairman straight on one or two points. The
first is that I am not a professor of dairy science or anything else.
I might have been a professor, but I heard so many stories about
absent minded professors that I changed my mind and became a
cheesemaker. Since that time I have been affiliated with the
Provincial Council, which is similar to your state department here.
Now that I have that cleared up, I want to say that it is
certainly a pleasure and. a privilege for me to once again bring
greetings from Canada to the cheesemakers of Wisconsin, and to
meet the various friends that we have made by coming over from
year to year.
I want to say, Len, we have always enjoyed having you, or
some of your associates, come to Canada to attend our convention.
We hope there will be a group coming over in January. Len can
give you full particulars.
I know you are running late on your program, and having to
do in Canada with conventions and organizing programs, I know
the consternation of the chairman when it comes to running late.
So I think rather than tell you about our coming convention, I
will leave that to Len as I don't want you to blame me for keep-
ing you late. Along that same line of thinking, I will make my
comments very brief. As I said before, we enjoy coming to the
convention. I try to get a group to come over each year. We get
new ideas, and we are particularly interested in your exhibit of
dairy machinery.
Looking back at the history of cheesemaking in Canada, the
United States has played a great part. The first cheese factory

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