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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Friedli, Gottlieb
Report from Southeastern Wisconsin Cheese Association,   pp. 20-21 PDF (443.8 KB)

Page 20

properly besides. Only the bad effects are found after the product is
manufactured. That is where we ought to have better inspee ion at
our farms to see that milk is produced in a better way.
Your Chicago Board of Health isn't satisfied to take milk the way
the Wisconsin dairy farmer produces it on the average. Anybody that
ships milk to the Chicago district must have his place inspected at
certain intervals and everyone knows that those inspectors are quite
strict and they must be in order to produce good dairy products.
Now, I want to say again, I think there is quite a few on the list
that will talk to you this morning for a ten miuute period and I
don't want to take up too much of your time, but I do hope before this
convention closes that there will be a unanimous resolution passed
favoring the licensing of every producer of dairy products with
inspectors in every county to supervise the production of milk at the
farm. I thank you.
THE PRESIDENT: I certainly want to thank you, Mr. Johns.
Rudolph Jaehnig, Two Rivers, secretary of the Manitovoc County
local. Is Mr. Jaehnig here? John Boehnlein of Auburndale, secretary
of the Marshfield local. John Erb from Rice Lake, Northern Wisconsin
Foreign type. P. S. Sommers, Amery, secretary of the New Richmond
local. Ray Nelson, Oconto Falls, secretary of the Oconto local. William
Shampeau of Beaver, secretary of the Pound local. Paul Viktora from
East Dubuque, Illinois, secretary of the Platteville local. A. R. Wilhelm,
Oscar Krause, from Price County. W. C. Bleick from Bonduel. Sh.awano
County. L. S. Adsit, Richland Center, Richland Center locaL E. J. Con-
ger from Plymouth. Sheboygan County. Mrs. Arthur Kiessig, from
Brussels, Sturgeon Bay. L. A. Dederich, Spring Green. E. A. Inder-
muehle, Southestern Wisconsin Cheese Assn.
ME. Hoax: Mr. President, we have with us our president of our
association. Maybe he has a few words to say.
THE PRESIDENT: I take great pleasure in introducing Mr. Gattliell
Froehlieh from the Southeastern Wisconsin Association.
Ladies and gentlemen and brother cheese makers. As our secretary
isn't here as stated by Mr. Horn, I want to tell you a few words about
our association down there. We have been going for six years, and have
had good success; we are working hard in the dairy industry as much
as we possibly can; when we started organizing we had Mr. Schwantes
with us helping us along. He made several trips down to Dodge County,
and in the name and in behalf of the association we want to thank
him again. He took the time to come down quite a few hundred miles
to help us, and we also believe that improvement in quality of milk
will be one of the main things to producing good quality of cheese, and
by having a few more inspectors and having them in the farmers'

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