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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Report of the nominating committee,   pp. 80-81 PDF (465.4 KB)

Page 80

able story on the part of the retailer, you will be making customers.
You wouldn't have the worries you have now.
Last of all you have to advertise. You know better than I that your
life, your actions, the things you do, the car you ride in, the radio you
listen to, the food you eat, everything you do is controlled by the im-
pact of some advertising message you have read or studied. I am going
to close but I want to point out to you that advertising is vital to the
correction of your fundamental condition and it can be done on a basis
that will return you ten-fold for its investment because of its effect
in increasing consumption.
Now, in closing I would like to say this, am I right in presuming
that you boys are satisfied with your business condition today? The
only way to go is forward. You can't stand still, and you have been
standing still for fully a year. Maybe you don't like to have me talk
this way, but I paid my own way to come up here and I will pay it to
go back.
It isn't meetings that is going to win this thing; it is action and
force. You can hold meetings until the cows come home but if you
are the intelligent boy you look like, you can put it in the hands of the
committee you have here.
To conclude, remember these four things. If you build a steam en-
gine or make cheese, these four essentials are necessary. You have to
mobilize everything. We are talking about the making of customers
for cheese. Second you have to organize everything. Third, you have
to vitalize it, that is, make the American consumer feel he does need
the proper amount of cheese, and then, you have to use it.
Up in the Northwest the Indians tie their meat up in the trees 37
feet above ground and let it cure there in the winter. That is their
refrigerator. Go up there and ask them why. The Indian will tell you,
well, a fly can only fly up 35 feet so we put it two feet above it.
Wouldn't it be remarkable if some fly came along and was different
than all the rest, more dissatisfied than all the rest, and who had more
ambition than all the rest, who had the nerve to fly the other two feet
and get the meat? Have you in this association got it? Thank you.
MR. WINTER: Due to the fact that Mr. Whiting was instrumental
in bringing about these many things for the good of the association,
he was nominated for president for another year.
PRESIDENT WHRITING: Any other nominations?
ME. MULOY: Mr. President, I move the nominations be closed.
Motion seconded and carried.
MR. MALCZEWsKI: Mr. President, I move we suspend the rules and
elect Mr. Whiting president unanimously.
Motion seconded and carried.
PRESIDENT WHITING: Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for this
and I am sure I will try and do all I can in the coming year for this
association and you want to remember, this is your association. Any
suggestions you have to bring to the officers of this association for
the good of the association will certainly be appreciated. Thank you,

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