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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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Article IX
(Adopted 1931)
Section 1. To promote united action by all cheese makers and asso-
ciations within the state, any organized association may become a
branch of this Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association, by a two-thirds
vote of its paid up membership at any of its regular meetings, and
report the vote to the state association secretary. Each such branch
shall aid in the state wide work of this association as required by
these articles and by-laws, but each branch shall be independent and
self-governing in all of its own local affairs and business.
Section 2. It shall be the duty of the state association, through its
officers and members, to promote and aid in the organization of new
branches, local and district in all parts of the state where none exist
Amendments Adopted
(See Annual Reports)
(1) The secretary shall qualify for office by filing with the presi-
dent a satisfactory bond in the sum of $4000, at the expense of the
Association. (See.1929 Annual Report, page 90.)
(2) The Board of Directors shall consist of five members instead
of three. (1925, page 61.)
(3) Persons who in the future are found guilty of repeatedly vio-
lating our state laws shall be barred from membership in this Asso-
ciation. (1920, page 98.)
(4) Rule on the financing of new projeets. Appropriations of asso-
ciation funds shall not be made by the convention, unless means for
raising the necessary funds are also provided at the same time, but
new projects requiring expenditures shall be referred to the Board of
Directors in the form of recommendations. (1921, page 71.)
(5) New score card to be used. (1921, page 136.)
(6) License numbers of the maker and the factory shall appear
upon all entry blanks of exhibits for prizes. (1911, page 104.)
(7) Prizes for cheese exhibits shall be awarded to the makers of
the cheese only, and the maker's name must appear on each entry
blank. (1907, page 148; 1908, page 232.)
(8) Pro-rata premium fund established. (1907, page 149; 1908,
page 231.)
(9) Hereafter, Class 1 of the prize exhibits shall be American
cheese made before September 1. Class 2 shall consist of all styles
American cheese made during September and October. Class 3 shall
consist of all styles American cheese made during November and
December of the same year. Class 4 shall consist of Colby type
cheese. (1922, page 17; 1923, page 78.)
Further slight changes in the exhibit rules have been made from
year to year, as conditions required, at the direction and with the
approval of the Board of Directors. (See entry blank used in 1929.)
(10) A half day's session of the convention shall be set apart for
discussions by licensed cheese makers only. (1926, page 58.)

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