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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sammis, J. L.
Secretary's progress report,   pp. 67-70 PDF (964.5 KB)

Page 67

day, ladies and gentlemen. It is certainly a pleasure to come to She-
boygan and I hope you will increase the sales of your cheese a great
percentage over the other years, through the publicity we have gotten
in regard to this Dairy Queen tour to Washington and the World's
Fair. I thank you.
PRESIDENT WHITING: We will go on with our discussion.
MIL JOHNS: We should encourage home consumption with the 40
per cent moisture cheese. The 36, 37 or 38 per cent moisture cheese,
which does score state brand and is put into storage and comes out
later on after five or six, or ten months as state brand cheese, is by far
the greater percentage, at least 80 per cent or more. I still believe
that the one cent differential between state and standard brand ought
to be encouraged. I certainly believe that Mr. Davis will agree with
me, that the one cent differential ought to be encouraged, in order to
keep on encouraging more quality cheese, because when we get to put-
ting out more 40 per cent moisture cheese you are going to have some-
thing that is not going to stand up so well in storage and I think
every one of the cheese dealers will bear me out on that point.
MR. KoPITzKE: I want to say this, Mr. Johns, if the dealer wants
to buy a low moisture cheese to keep for a year and a half, let them
buy it on the moisture basis.
MR. SCHAErZL: Mr. President, after this discussion I think every-
body is ready to express his opinion by vote. I now move you we take
a vote by ballot on the question and see how we come out.
(Motion seconded and carried).
PRESIDENT WHITING: For one cent vote yes, and for anything less
than that vote no. The result of the vote is 63 yes and 175 no.
The next we have on our program is the Secretary's progress re-
port, by J. L. Sammis, our secretary.
Mr. President, it seems desirable that for a few minutes during the
annual convention we turn away from the whole outside world and
discuss our own association business for a few minutes in order to
plan future progress, and in order to correct our mistakes, if any.
It seems necessary to say very little about the past progress because
you are all familiar with it. How many people here belong to one of
the branches of the organization? A good many. During the past two
years the progress has consisted in part of organizing 29 of these
branches in different counties all over the state. There are all kinds,
like a family of children. There are a few of them that are very
strong and prosperous and they have one hundred or more members.
The biggest branch is the Southeastern Branch which covers Dodge
County and the edge of all the surrounding counties. They voted
themselves in as a branch. At their monthly meetings, they always
have two or three kegs of beer and a lot of cheese and the social side
is emphasized, and when the business is over they spend an hour or
more singing songs and they have a lot of fun.
Then we have quite a number of American cheese branches that are
strong. Down at the other end, we have several branches that are
very weak, almost dead, probably because the local officers were not

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