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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Dederich, L. A.
Co-operative buying to reduce cost of making,   pp. 19-20 PDF (462.5 KB)

Page 19

Mr. Mulloy, if we try to get some money from all over the State
to run this Association?
M&. MULLoY: Seeing you ask what I think about it-if I were to
offer an amendment to the constitution at this time, I would offer an
amendment that every cheese maker to be a member of any branch
association must, in addition to paying the regular dues of that
branch, contribute one dollar a year membership fee towards the sup-
port of the State Association or else not be recognized as a member
of the branch, and then if a branch organization is really a part of
the State Organization-they would bring in the one dollar member-
ship dues that we wouldn't get elsewhere. I offer it as a motion
that can be written up and read tomorrow and be legal as an amend-
ment to the constitution pertaining to branch membership fees. We
can write it up tonight and present it tomorrow.
Motion seconded and carried.
PREsIDENT WHITING: We will stand adojurned until 2:15 this
By L. A. DEDEnUCH, Secretary, Spring Green Association
Our secretary has asked me to discuss briefly with you the lower
cost of making by co-operative buying by cheese makers. It is a
subject well worth the consideration of the buyer and seller. We
must buy our supplies cheaper if we are going to stay in business.
We could pass the whole increase in cost to the farmer, but he can't
pay it and he won't pay it. Nor can the cheese maker stand the
whole increase of cost.
I am going to tell you a few things about our experience in Spring
Green. The Spring Green, Wisconsin, pioneer local was organized in
early May, 1931, with a membership of thirty. Our slogan is Better
Cheese, and we aim to buy better cheese factory supplies on a cash
basis. In the first three years of our work at Spring Green we did
pretty well in a way. We held two four-day schools there and we
took an active interest in the affairs of the cheese makers in general.
We built up new friendships and eliminated to quite an extent the
feeling of antagonism between the cheese makers and still there was
something lacking. From year to year our membership was falling
off until in 1933 we had only fifteen members, and attendance was
poor. I felt ashamed to call a meeting, but in 1934 things commenced
to look better. Why? Because we commenced to buy supplies cheaper.
We used the same method on everything we bought. In fact, we
bought everything from a pair of overalls to a steel barrel and every
time we did buy we saved money. The membership is built up to 33
at the present time and our attendance is much better at our meet-
ings. We have done these things at practically no cost to any member.
Our annual fee is only 25 cents and we have no money in our treasury
and I don't know but what I am just a little bit proud of it. Every

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