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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Broughton, C. E.
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phia or Washington, and take a table like that and make a cheese
dish and pass it around, and pass out the recipe, and send home a lot
of enthusiastic experimenters with cheese. Probably most of them
never tasted it before, and didn't know how to use it properly.
And so it goes. You did a splendid job in getting yourselves excited
about this thing. We have many of these movements, which have been
described to you, all started and now let's tie them all together in one
great national movement and put cheese over. Thank you.
PRESZCNT WHTNG: Ladies and Gentlemen: Our next sneaker T
am sure you all know. He gave us the invitation to hold our conven-
tion at Sheboygan last year and this year. He has also done a lot for
the cross-road cheese factory And I now take great pleasure in intro-
ducing Mr. C. E. Broughton.
By MR. C. E. BBOUGHTON, Sheboygan
I want to compliment the members of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers'
Association who have honored us by their presence on two successive
occasions, and to say that your return here any time will always be a
source of gratification.
You couldn't make me any happier than by coming back to our fine
city. I am not here to say anything about the minor part that I play
in extending a second invitation, but I know from reports I received
this morning that you had an enjoyable time last night. I wasn't pres-
ent at your meetings and so I can't say so much for that, but when-
ever a convention of this character and its members get together there
is bound to come out of the deliberations something that is of material
benefit to those engaged in the industry.
We are living in stressing times. I listened to the former speaker
just a minute ago and he reiterated what I said up at Shawano in ad-
dressing the Eastern Wisconsin Association two or three weeks ago,
and that was that the breweries didn't need any advertising on the
farms; that their product was pretty well known to everybody in Wis-
consin, and that a cheese sign there in place of it or some sign dealing
with the dairy industry would do more good than the beer sign.
I say we are living in stressing times and I can come to you 'now
after a campaign is over and I can talk to you as citizens with my
remarks not being misconstrued. I have never been a candidate for
office; I have never sought an office and so it pleases me more than I
can tell to come here to you today and talk to you as one citizen to
another, one citizen interested in the state of Wisconsin. That has
been my state, my home for 61 years, and I wouldn't give up one sec-
tion of land or one block in the city or in a town or village for all
the property they have in the 47 other states in the union. That is
what I think of Wisconsin. And this afternoon we are here to sell to
the other 47 states the product that we make, a product that cannot
be duplicated anywhere.

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