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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Report of the resolutions committee,   pp. 72-73 PDF (416.7 KB)

Page 72

eus umbers of the institution to try and get a response or a reply.
Appoint on that committee those that will exercise their best judg-
_t for you. We may make mistakes but you have no time for de-
bate to answer that question, o give three men a acceptable to
Mr. Mooney as possible that will make up their minds and say yes or
no or to what they want.
Tar PRsNT: I fully agree with what Mr. Davis said. I have
had the experience during the last year that sometimes things have
to be done on the Spur of the moment, and somebody has to take that
responsibility, and to do whatever they see fit and they have this
committee working for the interests of the association, but I don't
think there is time enough at a certain time to take a vote of all the
members. It just can't be done.
TRn Pammermr: I think there is a motion before the house. The
motion has been made that the president appoint a committee of three
to work with Mr. Mooney on the cheese code. AU in favor of that
say aye.
Notion carried.
MR. HORN: I herewith submit the resolutions for your approval
or objection.
"Be it Resolved, By the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association:
That we extend a vote of thanks to Mr. C. E. Broughton and the City
of Sheboygan, to the Eagles Building management, the Sheboygan
Chamber of Commerce, to the Bankers and Merchants of Sheboygan
and other counties who have contributed prizes to the program
speaker, and all other firms, organizations or individuals who have
contributed to the success of the 1933 Wisconsin Cheese Makers Con-
Motion to adopt this resolution seconded and carried.
WHERAs, God, in His infinite wisdom has removed from our midst
our esteemed members, Herbert S. Kalk, Birnamwood, for several
years an officer of this association, and also Otto Weyer, Manitowoc,
for several years treasurer, who have contributed generously of their
time and experience to the benefit of the cheese industry and this as-
Therefore, be it Resolved, That we convey to the families of our de-
parted members our sincere sympathy, and that the resolution be
spread upon the permanent records of this Association.
Motion to adopt this resolution is seconded and carried.

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