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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Presentation of honorary diplomas,   pp. 69-70 PDF (445.6 KB)

Page 69

UK   M     : The lut oe, motion No. 3.     ixhgt fne. Any
active        of the association may enter one exhibit of ha own
mke, in each clma to compete for prim, at the convention, by pain
the entry fee of W00 in advance. Each entry shall weigh at least
twenty pounds". It has been claimed that that part of our conven-
tion barely pays its own expenses. And it in estimated that doubling
your dues to the association will raise approximately $500 and it is
hoped by doubling your entries we possibly can make up the addi-
tional amount that will have to be expended in order to maintain the
service of your secretary, and this is offered as a further means of
raining revenue.
Motion seconded and carried.
TRn SXWIALY: Mr. Chairman, some five years ago we started a
new line of activity when we passed a resolution here creating a new
special clans of cheese makers which we called the highest honor class
A cheese makers and these men were to earn this honor before they
got it. At that time the honor was conferred upon Mr. P. H. Kasper,
Bear Creek, for having won the first prize, highest score American
cheese for five years. This honor was also conferred upon Gottlieb
Werren of Blue Mounds for having won the highest score upon block
Swiss at three conventions.
It was also conferred upon Oswald Schneider of Appleton for hav-
ing won the highest score upon Brick Cheese at six separate con-
ventions. Now, of course, we are very glad to do honor to these peo-
ple and also, parenthetically, we might say in a low tone of voice that
a lot of other cheese makers now welcome the opportunity to begin
to earn some of the first prizes, because these high honor class cheese
makers are now barred from getting any more first prizes by the reso-
lution you passed.
This year we have to announce three more high honor class A
cheese makers who have won first prize for their cheese at three con-
ventions or more and these men are E. J. Schneider of Appleton, the
son of old Brother Oswald Schneider. If he is here we would like to
have him stand up so everybody can see him, because it is really a
great distinction to have won the highest prize here for three years.
Mr. Schneider isn't here.
The second maker that has won this honor is Robert Herrmann of
Dallas who for three years won the first prize of drum Swiss cheese.
That certainly is a real achievement. Anybody who knows about the
difculty for making the highest quality drum Swiss cheese appreci-
ates that this is a notable distinction.
The third is Mr. Emmanuel Hess of Belleville. He has won the
first prize in class 7 Limburger cheese in 1927, 1929 and 1932. These
scores are all high. High scores they must be to win first prizes. If

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