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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association thirty-third annual convention December 10, 11, 12, 1924 assembled in the Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Aderhold, E. L.
Some recollections of this Association,   p. 64 PDF (218.0 KB)

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cheese the year round, that then and not until then, he should have
his license whether it has taken him one year or forty to learn to
make that cheese.
By E. L. ADERHOLD, Neenah
Mr. President: I want to call your attention to the purposes of the
organization as explained at that time. One was to eliminate in-
competency in cheese making. The other was to wage a warfare on
the unjust practices of pooling milk regardless of fat content. Those
were the two chief purposes as explained in organizing this Associa-
One of the by-laws was that no man could become a member of the
organization if he was connected with the manufacture of filled
cheese. A lot of your young people probably won't see any necessity
of a by-law of that kind, but we had a few factories in Wisconsin
manufacturing filled cheese. Before we had state laws, or Federal
law that wiped out filled cheese, we had a by-law that anybody who
was connected with the manufacture of filled cheese or handled filled
cheese could not become a member of the organization; and I dis-
tinctly remember where such a man had a membership in this or-
ganization and his attention was called to this by-law, and he got
his dollar back. That is something that doesn't happen nowadays.
Now one more thing I want to tell you about. We had a man in those
days at every one of our Conventions by the name of J. A. Monrad.
Monrad was the representative of the Chris. Hansen people and he
was a very deep student of the dairy industry and he was a very
handy man. He attended all of our Conventions and he was a great
help to us in having successful Conventions and good discussions. He
was so helpful at all times that we called him a godfather of the Asso-
ciation. His son is still connected with the Chris. Hansen people-he
is here today. I am going to get a little more dope on this early
history of the Association and then I will write it up for the report.
I am sorry I haven't got it all ready now. What I have here probably
will interest you. It is the program of the first Convention. If you
wish I will read it to you, as it is short.
This copy of the Program will be mounted between glass and pre-
served in the Agricultural Library, College of Agriculture, Madison.

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