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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Essential characteristics of a good school for training country teachers,   pp. 12-15 PDF (975.3 KB)

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  There are in this state three kinds of schools engaged in the training
of country teachers,-county training schools, high schools, and state
normal schools.* Country teachers may be successfully trained in any
of these schools, provided the men at the head keep certain things in
        1. AD the Forees Concerned Must Work Together
  County superintendents and supervising teachers must frequently
visit the school or schools which train their teachers, and the teachers
who are doing the training must frequently get into the country
schools. These vista should Include both day time visits to the schools
when they are in session, and attendance at evening meetings. The
expenses connected with these trips should be provided for by the
school, as they are a legitimate part of its work. There is no possi-
bility that training teachers will know the condition of affairs as It
should be known unless they get Into the country to visit
  Conferences of county superintendents, supervising teachers and
training teachers should be held occasionally. With a few exceptions
this field work needs to be pushed far more than it has been in the
            2. Knowledge of Country Life Emphasized
  The teacher hired for the training department In the high school,
the supervisor of practice In a county training school, the man at the
bead of the rural department In the normal school, and all the teachers
who teach young people taking training for country teaching must
know country schools and country conditions. Conferences of all these
teachers should be held from time to time.
                 8. Both Men and Women Help
  No class of schools is immune from the temptation to neglect the
field work, but the question is perhaps most diffeult in high school
training departments. The work of the woman who is the high school
department teacher should be supplemented, by the field work of the
agriculture teacher, the supervising principal, or the city superintend-
ent. There is no disputing the fact that if in any school there is only
  * In this pamphlet the term training school Is used very frequently as
general term to Include county training school, high school training de-
partment. and rural training department of a state norma:L

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