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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1940,   pp. 5-10 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 5

According to the census, Belleville's population in 1940 was
given as 594. This was a gain of five percent over the previous
census. School enrollment that September was the largest ever, there
were one hundred in the high school as compared to the eighty-five
the previous year. It had been reported that the Belleville fire
cost was low, about eighty-three cents per capita.
The year 1940 was marked in the beginning by a blizzard. The
worst storm of the past decade had hit the village and immobilized
everything and everyone. It struck on a weekend. It was reported
as an eleven Inch fall and was quickly driven into huge drifts
three to four feet high by a forty mile an hour gale. Only those
called out by necessity braved the storm and practically everyone
remained indoors the entire weekend. No church or Sunday school
services were held and no school was held on Monday.
Newspaper columnists and others had already been picking out
a name for the last decade and were predicting the "40's" would be
known as the "Roaring 40's."
The war in Europe seemed far away. The United States was hoping
they would not become a direct part of it.
One of the most important things on the mind of the people of
Belleville was the radio show POT 0 GOLD.  It was quoted in the
Belleville Recorder as, "the show that kept people home waiting for
their phone to ring."  It was a radio fad that consisted of spinning

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