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The Thistle

Calendar of events [and other notes],   pp. [28]-[29]

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Caledar of Elets                     1,ard in tbt Cw        aid fIswwe 
Sept. 9.-Hall of learning receives its schol-   "When did Columbus discover
ars.                                        An ancient history question put
in by Orrie. 
Sept. 16.-Willie Hoar is unhappy.                                       
Oct. 4.-All classes earn a half holiday.       "After Columbus died,
he found out that 
Oct. 8.-Freshmen banner appears in the as-    he had not discovered the East
Indies."  A 
sembly room. 
Oct. 28.-Vivian, Raymond, and Henry Volk      Senior. 
depart for the west. 
Nov. 1.-A Dickens of a program.                Teacher, in English History
class, "Why 
Nov. 6, 7, 8.-First quarter examinations,    did Queen Elizabeth never marry?"
Nov. 16.-H. J. C. tries his hand at machin-  with great concern, "'I
am   sure I don't 
ery.                                        know." 
Nov. 20.-Miss C. reports Physics class. 
Dec. 2.-A dramatic scene in Oconto. Misses      Pupil in English Literature
class, reading 
C. and F. rush for the train,               from Comus, "Wherewith she
freezed her 
Dec. 6. -Literary society entertains Shake-   toes (foes) to congealed stone."
Dec. 9.-A Senior and Freshman see no stars.    Teacher (just before Christmas)
"Some of 
Dec. 14.-New     blackboards  rejoice  our    the Ancient History class need
some dolls. 
hearts.                                      Willie, give yours to Arthur."
Dec. 20.-All go home for Christmas. 
Jan. 6.-"A Solitaire." 
Jan. 8.-Sophomores move to assembly room.      Arthur (in Botany class) "An
egg contains 
Jan. 27.-Sad hearts because of half-year re-  albumen and helps to nourish
the body." 
ports.                                      Professor- "Thank you, little
old hen." 
Jan. 28.-Class in Theory and Art study the 
furnace.                                      Pupil (in Theory and Art,)
"What are the 
Jan. 30.-A   teacher gets to school before    requirements for having a first
grade certifi- 
Tony does.                                    cate renewed?"   Teacher-
"You must have 
Jan. 31. -Honi Soit qui mal y pense.          taken Theory and Art of Teaching
Jan. 31.-Literary election.                   years in the High School. 
Feb. 3.-We lose Joseph. 
Feb. 4.-Prof. Schaub stuffs his ears with      Prof:- "Name someone
of importance who 
cotton. It lessens noise.                   existed one hundred years ago."
Feb. 5. -Storm thins the ranks.                 Freshie- "Me. 
Feb. 11.-Pictures are taken for The Thistle. 
Feb. 14.-Special interest in valentines. 
Feb. 20.-Girls entertain the boys at a Leap    Teacher- "Tell about
cranberries, Mabel." 
Year party.                                 Mabel- (hesitatingly) I don't
know anything 
An orange "spoon" is observed.              about them?" 
Teacher-"Well, well, we will 
Feb. 22-Small boys observe Washington's I     have to get you a billy-goat,
so you can visit 
birthday with a grand military march.       the marshes." 
'Tis said-"Veo's chief aim in life is to run a  Teacher, '(In Ancient
History,) "What 
granary. "                                  range of mountains extends
the entire length 
Miss Stafford is one of our teachers,         of Italy?"  Pupil-The
And she surely is a high reacher; 
But her pride was humbled,                    Teacher- "Explain 'To
make a man-fly.' 
When one day she tumbled,                   The pupils all laugh, especially
the girls. 
And the steps marred some of her features. 
Freshman-I'm getting so I study-all the 
Miss Challoner might be slimmer,              time.   Why I study every night,
But she certainly has the glimmer,            some." 
In music she shines, 
And in drawing we find,                       Pupil in Eng. History- "Cromwell
She's certainly no beginner,                  his army across W (h) ales."

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