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The Thistle

[Literary],   pp. [23]-[25]

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1oll cll of       pIls 
A Is for Arthur, a freshie so bright, 
Who does nothing but study from morning till night. 
B Is for Bertha, a Junior so true, 
That never a thing that is wrong will she do. 
Is for Carroll, a song soft and sweet, 
CThat is sung whenever school does keep. 
Is for Davis, a Sophomore meek, 
Who does nothing but study from week to week. 
E Is for Ethel and Effie, you all know them well; 
But one from the other 'tis easy to tell. 
Is for Florence, another Sophomore, 
Who is sure to be famous in a few years more. 
G Is for Grace, and Gilbert, too- 
You never know just what they will do. 
Is for Harry, a Senior sedate, 
H    Who has to hurry or he will be late.. 
Is for Ida, so dainty and prim; 
And also for Ila, who is always in trim. 
J Is for the two Josephines-one so coy; 
* And also for Joseph. Geometry! 0, joy! 
K Is for Kathryn, a Junior so bright, 
Who thinks plaster slides are simply a "fright." 
Is for Lillian, and Lewis, you know. 
Who sit near together in the Freshmen row. 
Is for Mabel, and Minnie, as well. 
M ~What they won't do is hard to tell. 
Is for Nellie; the sun always smiles 
On the ysung lads when she uses her wiles. 
O   Is for Orrie, a Freshman meek, 
Who wishes for school every day in the week. 
D Is for two Pauls; they're better than gold- 
UTheir value in school has never been told. 
Q Is for quizzes; over them we do hate 
To puzzle our brains and rub our poor pates. 
R Is for Ruby, who excells in her classes, 
And is a good model for lads and for lasses. 
Is for Schaub, our Marshal so tall, 
Who thinks that marshaling is no trick at all. 
Is for Tony, an honorable Senior; 
T   Also for Thresa, with modest demanor. 
U Is for Union, our-glorious High School. 
We try veay hard to obey every rule. 
V Is for Veo and Verna, Juniors two, 
Who study when they have nothing else to do. 
W Is for William, with attitude sweet, 
Who sits up in front and calls classes to meet. 
IS Y   A- we are to each other. 
X   TO      Now what is the value of one to another? 
Is for Ziz, a cliff steep and high, 
ZLike unto our school course; we ascend with a sigh. 

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