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The Thistle

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Uilsoergr$' Soci t                     If there is a time above another 
HE Whisperers' Society is the oldest and           We like in all the year,
most floarishing organization in the       It is when Semester examinations
High School. Its purpose. is to keep         Upon the program do appear.
the whole school informed on the events of                              
  -N. I. T. 
the Home, the School, the Library, the City,     Oh, how happy are we.  
the State and the Nation. It also serves the     When our names we do see,
the commendable purpose of keeping the             Upon the bulletin board,
faculty wide awake.                              Saying:-   Exempt from exam's
President .................. Mable Smith        Because in our plans 
Vice-President .................. Lewis Weed       Eighty-five is a mark
we'll record. 
Secretary .................... Orrie Saunders                           
   F. S. J. S. 
Treasurer ..................... W illie Potier 
Other members are Pearl Laughn, Minnie 
Noonan and the Sophomore class.                    Seated one day in the
school room, 
I was weary and ill at ease, 
And my thoughts they wandered aim- 
Vlote Urlter$' l   odatlol                    lessly 
President................. Pearl Laughlin        Far over land and seas.
Vice-President ............. Marian Davis 
Secretary ................. Frances Henry          I know not what I was
Treasurer .............. Arthur Desreumaux       Or what I was dreaming then
The following by-laws have been adopted:         Till I heard a sound like
1 All notes that fall on the floor become       "'Get right to work
the property of teachers. 
2 Such notes may be read to the school if        It fell on my wounded feelings.
such action is deemed wise.                      Like words on the day of
3 Ncnotes shall be sent by mail.                And the sunshine seemed all
3 N~otesshal besentby mil.From out the old school room: 
4 All notes shall be given at school and in 
the most roundabout way pos-3ible.                 They created both pain
5 After a note has been read, it shall be      And bitter, bitter strife.
torn into infinitely small pieces.                 They seemed just like
an echo. 
No one is admitted into this society, who       From my discordant life.
can write a legible hand, can spell correctly 
or punctuate with anything more than a             I have sought, but I seek
it vainly, 
period.                                          Those words so harsh, to
That came from the watching teacher, 
Soe Dbi as Me Mould  xe to lkoW                 My wandering thoughts to
1 Where Prof. Schaub gets so many button-        But it may be adown in the
hole bouquets.                                   When I'm far away from here,
2 Why Toney Gusten gets to school so early.      I'd like to hear in my musings
3 Why Miss C. has been so absent minded        The words that now I fear.
since the Christmas holidays. 
4 What S O-U-R spells.                           For school days are the
5 Why the Freshman business meeting must       I'll realize it then, 
always be secret.                                  And wish I might hear
from a teacher, 
6 How many circles a center may have.           "Get right to work again.

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