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The oriole year book: Evansville Junior College

Grade department

Grade Department 
"For who hath despised the day of small things?" This question
re-echoes across the waste of many centuries and the reply is that they who
scorn these little beginnings are legion. Mankind has ever forgotten that
before the mighty oak lifts Its grace and strength in the air there is the
humble, burrowing root; for "great oaks from little acorns grow."
Therefore let us not forget, even in the effulgence of those polished, finished
gems, the Seniors, the diamonds in the rough,--the Grade Class. 
Poy without a novel? 
Gnevieve and Dorcas -separated? May at school every day? 
Harold In a Hurry? 
Eddie losing his voice? 
Billie having his lesson? 
Joe playing "Hookey"? 
On June 1, 1930, the Grade Class held a reunion in the gymnasium which they
had played In ten years before. The girls say they had a banquet, but the
boys. especially H. H. and W. M. say they had only fruit salad and not enough
of that. 
In the toasts that followed each one present told in his own way what he
was doing, or not doing. 
Genevieve is director of calisthentics at the University of Wisconsin and
is 'pecializing in music. 
Eddie says he is just "blowing in time," but we think If he were
to tell that at Mandel Bros. office, his duties as janitor might be increased.
Dorcas is teaching domestic science in the same school with Genevieve. They
are still inseparable. 
Harold is now in a hurry to return to his duties as traffic cop on the corner
of State and Madison Streets, Chicago. 
Mae I s happy on a large dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin. 
Murphy is teaching a district school and "preaching what he never practiced."
Roy is chief of the Forest Rangers in Montana. 
Joe has just returned from a trip to his home in Italy, bringing with him
one as tair as can be found within our own borders. He now has a prominent
position in the Baker Mfg. Co. 

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