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The town of Texas

VI. Taverns and stores,   pp. 44-48

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The first Saloon was owned by Mr. and
Mrs. "Manda" Thorn. It was open for
business about 1900 and was located on
the corner of Highway W and Golf Club
Road. Mr. Thorn was remembered for his
having a "peg leg". He was also a
Deputy Game Warden. Other owners were:
L. Glasel, M. Nowinski, Tom Zell, Bob
Weinkauf, and Otto Schael. Mr. Schael
was the last owner before it was razed
about five years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weinkauf purchased
the Riverview Tavern and Park from
Manda Thorn in 1912.
The building consisted of a tavern and
living quarters on the first floor and
a dance hall on the second floor.
In 1909 an outdoor pavilion was built,
which was used for dancing during the
summer months.
Since this park and tavern was located
near the City Limits, it was used for
picnics by many organizations.
At one time, a Trap Shoot was held in
the park, and baseball was played
In 1943, the property was sold to Otto
Schael. Mr. Schael operated until his
health failed and sold it in 1971 when
it was razed.
Route 3, Box 244 A
Wausau, Wis. 54401
Old-time Music - Polkas & Waltzs
Weddings - Showers - Anniversaries
2 or 3 Piece Band
Call for Prices
PHONE (715) 675-3814
Miss Lillian Ostrowski operated a
drive-in hamburger stand here for
several summers.
A large condominium is located here
now, known as Forest Park Estates
The second Saloon and Dance Hall was
located on Brokaw Corners, where the
Langhoff Store is now located. The
first owner was Tom Powers. John Schneck
(Mrs. C. J. Holzem's Father) then oper-
ated it. Later C. J. Holzem changed it
over and operated it as a grocery store.
Charles Kell then built the tavern across
the road. It was sold to Gust Voss, who
operated it for many years. Other owners
were Tom Andreski, and John Morgan, the
present proprietor.
Tom's Ba at Brokaw Corners
See next page for picture of the
Schneck Saloon and Dance Hall.
Another Saloon was located on the corner
of W and WW. It was owned by a Bob
Krueger. A Saloon was also located in
the building now owned by Randolph
Bergklint. A license was issued to a
Mr. Becker.
The Nightingale Club
by Henry Johannsen.
Elmer Menzner. This
was opened in 1932
It was later run by
was located just

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