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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 22 (January 1937)

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This new attempt at agricultural education seems to have boen accepted
with enthusiasm by cattle breeders throughout the state.    The school met
the first time in the spring of this year for a period of one week of lectures
and discussion.   A similar one week session was hold this fall.    Instruction
was given in genetics (Dr. Cole), endocrinology (Dr. Casida), and tho keeping
of dairy cattle records (Dr. Dickerson). Dr. McKenzie of tho University of
Missouri, Dr. Kondrick of the Bureau of Animal Industry, and Dr. Hoizer of
Ohio State  have generously assisted with the instruction.    The bulk of
attendance was formed by battle brooders, fur brooders, and cow testers.
In a similar fashion, Doctors Casida and Dickerson have boon carrying
breeding information to dairymen on their home grounds by moans of brooding-
schools out in the State4   Sories of three to four meetings in each of eighteen
Wisconsin counties have boon hold.
Mrs. Margaret Smith signed our guest book December 23, 1937.    Margaret
loft last Septomber as department secretary, to take up residence at Menomonie,
Wisconsin, whore her husband is teaching at Stout Institute.    Members of
Linkage Group who were associated with the department at some time duling
past sovon years will always romomber "Margaret" for her cheerfulness,
ries and industry.   Good luck, Margarctj
Following are former Linkage Group members who have signed the visitors'
book since the fall of 1936.   Many of those attended the Poultry Science
meetings here this past summer:
Jay L. Lush, Professor of Animal Brooding, Iowa State Collogeo Mildred H.
Willoughby, Zoology teacher, Rockford Senior High School, Rockford, Ill.;
W. A. Craft, Director Rogional Swine Breeding Laboratorios, U.S.D.As, Amos,'Ia.;
Chas. W. Turner, Dairy Dept., Univ. of Mo.;    Earl J. Ronard, Plant Brooder,
Canners Soed Corp., Lewisville, Idaho)    Ralph J. Bushnell, Instructor in
University of Georgia; A. D. Favillo, Whoatland, Wyo.' L. D. Hershborgor,
Hortonville, Wis.;   C. E. Lampman, Dept. Poultry Husb.j Univ. of Idaho;
  L. A.
Henko, Professor of Agrioulture, University of Hawaii;    F. B. Hutt, Prof.
Husb. and Animal Genetics, Cornell Univ.; R. George Jaap, Poultry Dept,,
A. and M.:   Lewis W. Taylor, Poultry Dept., Univ. of California;   V. S.
Poultry Dept., Univ. of California;  W. J. Rao, University of Saskatchewan;
Earle S. Snydert Ontario Agrio. College;    H. L. Kempster, Prof. Poultry
Un versity of Mo.;   M. 0. North, Head of loultry Sebtion, Univ. of Wyo.j
Morley A. Jull, Univ. of Maryland; J. Holmes Martin, Prof. of Poultry Hueb.,
Univ. of Kentucky;   Agnos(Zoimet) Hill, Madison;    Adelino(Bakken) VanLone(former
Dept. Secretary), West Lafayette, Ind.;    Geo. F. Potter, Prof. of Horticulture,
Univ. of Th. H.1  A. R. Albrecht, Asst. Agronomist, Alabama Polytechnic Inst.;
Willard F. Hollander, 3204 West Ave., Aust'n, Texas.
NOTE: The editor fractured his leg this fall and remained in the Infirmary
weeks.  The publication of the genoet'pe was delayed until he was out and
to make the necessary interviews.    e beg your pardon for the delay and
that the Spring issue will be on time.

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